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Hello From Argentina! - prisoner1980 - 15th August 2009

Hello Dear Friends!Very nice site,I´m Rafael From Buenos Aires and wanna invite you to take a look to our Argentinian FC
We speaks in spanish but you will find a whole english section to leave your comments.
Best regards from Argentina!

Hello From Argentina! - Leviatan - 17th August 2009

Hi Rafael, welcome in our site. It's a pleasure for us to meet Maiden fans from Argentina! It will be so cool if we have the possibility to make some kind of cooperation with you I mean to exchange t-shirts, badges and other fan-club things. You have a nice site too. So we know that there are so many keen Maiden fans in Argentina and want to say to all of you UP THE IRONS!

Hello From Argentina! - prisoner1980 - 27th August 2009

Thanks for your words Leviatan!And always its a pleasure meet iron maiden fans all around the world!

This is the 28-03-2009 gig In Buenos Aires,its a dvd.Enjoy It!

DVD PROSHOT: Iron Maiden en Argentina, Quilmes Rock 2009.

País: Argentina
Ciudad: Buenos Aires
Estadio: Velez Sarsfield
Dia: 28 de Marzo de 2009
Tamaño: 4.36 GB
Portada 1024 x 768:

01 - Intro: Churchill Speach / Aces High
02 - Wrathchild
03 - 2 Minutes to Midnight
04 - Children of The Damned
05 - Phantom Of The Opera
06 - The Trooper
07 - Wasted Years
08 - The Rime of The Ancient Mariner
09 - Powerslave
10 - Run to The Hills
11 - Fear of The Dark
12 - Hallowed Be Thy Name
13 - Iron Maiden
14 - The Number of The Beast
15 - The Evil That Men Do
16 – Sanctuary

Move this to the right section,
See you friends!