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Song Retirement ?? - Dragontear - 8th September 2007

On This 2007 tour i had the honor to see Maiden live twice.. They played a lot of song s from the new album and of course a lot of classics.But There were no songs from their two previous albums Dance of Death regretfully from Brave New World.

Do you think that maiden should retire some songs from their past and to "refresh" a bit their set list with new material from the mentioned albums and even from Virtual XI and X-factor. We all heard that Bruce is doing quite well with the Blaze songs in Rock in Rio

Which songs do you thing should be retired?... And with songs should replace them ?

Song Retirement ?? - ThePrisoner - 9th September 2007

The only song I don't like and am kinda glad has been semi-retired from most of their shows nowadays is "Running Free". I've always felt it was just too much of a typical rock 'n roll cliche kind of song for Maiden.

Anyway, I don't think they should single out tracks to be 'retired', they could maybe do it on a rotation or something. Like the first show they don't play "The Trooper" and "Wrathchild", the next show they don't play "Run to the Hills" and "Can I Play With Madness", and so on and so forth. By taking out just two of their standards, they could make some room for some of their 'alternative hits'. This might seem a little far fetched, after all, bands play whatever they want to play... and many bands who have been around for a long time simply run through their 'classic' material to appease the older or more fair-weather fans... but Maiden always looks out for their fans. I think they know we want to hear stuff like "Alexander the Great" or "To Tame a Land" live, and they know the fans always like random surprises... when's the last time they played "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" for instance?

As for Bruce doing Blaze era stuff... well, I love the idea, because I like those two albums... but my opinion has always been that the singers sound best doing their own material, not someone elses. Most people agree Blaze had a horrible time doing some Bruce songs live, but by the same token, I don't think Bruce does that well with many Blaze AND Di'Anno songs. "Sign of the Cross" sounds okay with Bruce, but I think he butchers "Lord of the Flies" or "Man on the Edge" because they require that deeper, brooding voice that Blaze gives the songs. I've also never ever been happy with Bruce singing "Phantom of the Opera", even though I love the song.

And I'm not Bruce bashing by any means. I love Bruce, he's the man.

Song Retirement ?? - Dragontear - 9th September 2007

Actually i think that for each tour they have to prepare 40 songs.. and to mix them in to different set lists for different countries and maybe every set list to have 15-16 songs... This way the fans will have a little surprise..

Actually my opinion its little boring to go on tour with a constant set list from 15 song and do it all over again!