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Продавам ОРИГИНАЛНИ дискове (metal) - brain - 7th July 2012

Състояние на дисковете – като нови. Цените са различни и съобразени с

Slayer “Live Undead / Haunting the Chapel”
Razor “Violent Restitution”
Eternal Oath “Righteous”
Judgement Day “40 minutes to impact”
Mortification “Envision Evangelene”, “Triumph of mercy”
Metanoia “Time to die”, “Don’t walk dead”
Horde “Hellig usvart”
Ultimatum “Puppet of destruction”, “The mechanics of perilous times”
Teramaze “Tears to dust”
Biogenesis “The marks bleeds through”
Gnashing of Teeth s/t
Underoath “They’re only chasing safety” + dvd