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Iron Maiden Bulgaria starts a new campaign.
Iron Maiden Bulgaria starts a new campaign. We decided to call the campaign IRON MAIDEN BULGARIA WANTS YOU…TO TALK because it will contain mainly interviews

You can find it in the FOR FANS section
Here is the full story about this idea
This Summer when we attended the Athens gig parto of the Somеwhere Back In Time Tour we met a lot of fans which were stunned by the fact that we traveled 1000 km just to see Maiden Live. Few weeks after that I found a person in the Internet who went on a journey that we only can dream of. I decided to found a special section in our site where we will introduce you interesting people and their stories connected with Iron Maiden. I’m really happy that Rafael Kaplunovsky - Rafi is the founder of this section and I am grateful that he agreed to answer some questions that I ve asked him about his amazing tour.

Here is the interview:
Only The Good Die Young...
All the evil seems to live forever...

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