Dance Of Death
Don't get me wrong, I still like the album quite a bit... but I think of DoD as their most experimental album, in many different ways.

First, the songs. You've got a mix of all different kinds of stuff on there. I know the boys always liked Jethro Tull, but the song "Dance of Death" is perhaps their first song that blatantly shows that influence. You've got a completely acoustic number with "Journeyman", the first use of double-kick drumming from Nicko on "Face in the Sand", you've got a couple of nice singles like "Wildest Dreams" and "Rainmaker" coupled with epics like "Paschendale". These songs are all good, but in terms of style they're all over the place.

Then, as you said, the production. I don't think this is Kevin Shirley's fault either... I think it was Steve Harris who ultimately approved what we hear on the album. It's got to be the worst production job in Maiden's history. There's plenty of areas where the music just sounds crushed and tinny. Again, I think this was another experiment, but this one didn't work out too well. I think this led to Kevin having a bit more control over AMOLAD's production, and it shows because that album sounds gorgeous.

Finally, the cover art.... yeah, it's pants. At least they didn't remove Eddie completely like it was rumoured before the album came out. There was really nothing wrong with the original picture... maybe a little bit bare, yes... but we could have lived with it, I think.

Some kind of remaster or reissue would be really cool.

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