New Album !?!
I think that "A Matter Of Life And Death" is a great album.After all we have to remember that Maiden aren't that young any more.

Of course noone can say for surely what the next album will be like,but i would want to see an Album about Ancient Gods.A Album dedicated to "Flight of The Icarus".Its name could be Ancient Legacy or something like that.

I would be really happy to see an album like that Smile
I don't want your sympathy
all i sense is endless apathy
my fragile mask crumbles
and i continue reconcile
my eternal safety lost by doubt
too long have i refused to shout...

If i stare in the mirror will i see my face
if i look in the mirror even if i gaze ?
NO...i only saw bitterness and tears
could you help me ? help me fight my fears
you're just never felt...
you're just can't help

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