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I still love Clive former sweetie.
God, I miss Clive Burr. I'll NEVER forget when I was amere fifteen year-old groupie seeing Maiden here in Ottawa, Ontario. My two girlfriends and I partied with the band afterward @ the Chateau Laurier Hotel downtown.
Clive & I hit it off, and drank a few and retreated to one the rooms where we became intimate. He was a sweet, gentle lover and we giggled together on the bed after we made love. Clive, was a playful lover, and I was sad when the band had to leave the next day. Unfortunately, I became pregnant by Clive, (he was the one to take my virginity!) but I had suffered a very sad abortion afterward. I'm 44 now, & wish like hell I had that baby. I'm sorry to my former honeybun...........I'll always love that man,
Love to Clive, love Kimbrly Ann Rogers.

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I still love Clive former sweetie. - by Kimbrly Ann Rogers - 1st February 2012, 03:13

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