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...And Metallica For All...
I felt The Unnamed Feeling in this Sad But True existence.I am The Unforgiven - would you be The Unforgiven II ? I'm just One,I'm trying to Escape but the Master of Puppets from above holds me tight,Die,die my darling,you left me for King Nothing.I'll Seek & Destroy the vain world till I Disappear.But The Memory Remains . . .Wherever I May Roam you'll be deep in my heart and Nothing Else Matters.

Може да се пробвам да направя подобно нещо и от заглавия на Мейдън :happy:
I don't want your sympathy
all i sense is endless apathy
my fragile mask crumbles
and i continue reconcile
my eternal safety lost by doubt
too long have i refused to shout...

If i stare in the mirror will i see my face
if i look in the mirror even if i gaze ?
NO...i only saw bitterness and tears
could you help me ? help me fight my fears
you're just never felt...
you're just can't help
How much Madness Can I Play With if this were the Longest Day? But if it's the Longest Day, why is it already Two Minutes To Midnight? I was a Trooper today, when I was on my Quest For Fire. I didn't Die With My Boots On though. That must make me a bad old man. WHY? 'Cause Only The Good Die Young. God it's hot today. It's Blazin, NO..... it's Brighter Than A Thousand Suns. I wish someone would give the Lord Of Light, a Number One Public Enema. Wait, Be Quick Or Be Dead, there are Invaders coming. Run To The Hills and bury your Face In The Sand. This Brave New World is a very Different World

Хем че изобщо защо ли го споменавам знаете си че съм творческа натура. Ма не си спомням и от де съм го копирал :dry:
Сега ще спретна нещо набързо. По принцип си падам творец. Smile

I was Running Free in my Strange World, like a Prowler, stupid like The Ides Of March. I was the Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son. I wanted to live Another Live, like a Wrathchild, unfortunatelly I was an Innocent Exile. Me and my brothers were Children Of The Damned, living down the 22 Acadia Avenue. Yesterday, there we 2 Minutes To Midnight, when I saw the Deja Vu of the Invaders and the Killers. They were singing Iron Maiden's song No Prayer For The Dying. I prayed for Mother Russia, and realised i had to Be Quick Or Be Dead. I left my house with the desire to go to Transylvania to finish my Quest For Fire. I saw the Gates Of Tomorrow in front of me, saw the Lord of Light, realising Only the Good Die Young. After all I was bad, and my name was Alexander, Alexander The Great, and if I die, i would Die With My Boots On, wondering Where Eagles Dare. Then a bus come and picked me up. It was flying. I called it the Flight Of Icarus. It was carrying me Out Of The Shadows. It seemed to me it was The Longest Day ever. I saw the Flash Of The Blade by The Duelists, Back In The Village. Then in the sky, I saw a smoke, kind of Holy Smoke. In the formed cloud I saw an inscription Fear of The Dark. Darkness took over me. I dreamed my Wildest Dreams. Then i woke up, seeing what I've just written. BlushWink

Като се замисля, не стана лошо. :laugh::w00t:
Can I have a HELL YEAH?HELL YEAH.You rock!:rockdevil:
всъщност е доста сполучливо! :happy: браво!
"...and with strange aeons even death may die..."

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