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Iron Maiden Bulgaria is online again!
Iron Maiden Bulgaria is online again
It took us a little time to reconstruct our site, but now we are ready to present it to you.
The new stuff that you can find are:
  • Information about all Iron Maiden singles and EP-s
  • All bootlegs from all tours *
  • Information about the Best of compilations and videography
  • The pressings of every particular album. *
  • Full information about the artwork of the covers and the symbolic behind them *
  • Section for the Fan Club Iron Maiden Bulgaria and information how to Join.
  • Shop section (which will be online soon)
  • Bootleg torrent tracker for fan club members only
  • Somewhere Back In Time Tour 2008 picture gallery
* Every month we will concentrate on different album from the history of the band and these sections will be updated during this period
Next week we will start with the Iron Maiden / Killers month, but for a demo we are giving you updated “Bootlegs” and “Pressing” sections for this two albums.
Only The Good Die Young...
All the evil seems to live forever...

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