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The Blaze Bayley band were attacked on a street in Greece
Two men, whom Bayley says were clearly on drugs, nearly ran down one of the band's entourage after their show in Agrinio, then followed the tour van and threw a brick through one of its windows, narrowly missing someone inside.
In his tour blog Bayley reports: "Agrinio was crazy - a really intimate packed-out gig with plenty of crazy fans and the odd crowd-surfer.
"After the fantastic gig we stopped on the way back to the hotel at a late-night pie shop. I was talking to support act Fury UK's manager when two drugged-up youths on a scooter drove towards him.
"I grabbed him out of the way so he wasn't hurt, just dazed. The scooter boys seemed to think it was our fault - but we'd been standing at the side of the road and they were coming at us at 30 miles an hour.
"It didn't stop there - they followed our van, and at traffic lights the weedy-looking one on the back managed to throw a large brick, shattering the side window and narrowly missing our manager. Lucky for us, no one was seriously hurt. The cowards ran away before we could clobber them. It was a horrible end to a great night.
"Now all the money from the gig goes towards replacing the van window. It hasn't put me off Greece - but I never thought pies would be so dangerous."
Bayley also says drummer Larry Paterson wounded his eye during the show after the small stage forced the band to fall over one another and he got a drumstick knocked into his head.
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