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To all our visitors and to all Maiden Fans
To all our visitors and to all Maiden Fans We would like to inform you that our site is NOT going offline. The same goes to the Fan Club Iron Maiden Bulgaria.
There are some strange rumors lately.. That our site is going to be closed and soon offline and this is the reason why we want to assure you that this is not true
Dew the last 2 years, a bunch of people worked extremely hard to make this site number one and we almost did it.
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ! will make us to leave it behind and make it go offline.
We are all now giving 666% from ourselves and working on the site to make it even more functional and useful with even larger database with information. Expect soon a lot of new stuff new t-shirts and surprises that will make every Maiden fan happy
Team: Iron Maiden Bulgaria
Only The Good Die Young...
All the evil seems to live forever...

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