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We are prowud to be wone of the first to announce the songtitles of the new Iron Maiden Album - The Final Frontier
# Title Lyrics Music Length
1. "Beyond The Eyes Can See" Steve Harris Adrian Smith, Harris 4:17
2. "Where No Man Has Gone Before" Bruce Dickinson Smith, Harris 5:52
3. "Higher And Faster" Dickinson, Harris Smith, Harris, Murray 7:34
4. "The Antagonist" Harris Janick Gers, Harris 6:07
5. "Longing For Heaven" Dickinson Smith, Harris, Dickinson 6:58
6. "Murky Space Race" Dickinson Dickinson, Harris 7:36
7. "Catastrophe Of A Thousand Light Years" Harris Dave Murray, Harris 8:29
8. "The Final Frontier" Harris Gers, Smith, Harris 14:09

Please note that this is still unconfirmed information
Only The Good Die Young...
All the evil seems to live forever...
Since yesterday when we posted the possible titles of the songs for the album The Final Frontier we received a lot of letters from fans asking us for more information and even angry mails saying that our information is fake.
As we said yesterday when we posted the titles: The information is still unofficial. and we cannot be 100% that its true.. We just try to inform YOU the fans for any possible information.
Unfortunately we will have to wait for official announcement for the full album details and we hope this will happen really soon…
In addition a part form Bruce Dickinson statement for the North American Tour which starts in the beginning of June
Quote:"We're still working on the set list for these summer shows, but this time it will cover the whole history of the band, and I can hint that we will be playing a taster from the new album. We already have the designs for the new Final Frontier stage show which we are building to bring out with us, so this summer tour will be a bit of a preview for the fans. It's certainly looking very spectacular at this stage and with a brand new Eddie and an amazing light show!
Only The Good Die Young...
All the evil seems to live forever...

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