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There is a mention of a "strange yellow gas" that "played with their minds", reminiscent of the story of the 1990 film Jacob's Ladder, where US troops in Vietnam are subjected to a drug that alters their perception of reality and renders them extremely aggressive. Although the "gas" of the lyrics seems to elicit a different response than the drug in the film, the mind-altering effect, as well as its potential lethality, are clearly obvious.

Then, the story shifts to some character laying on his death bed after a life of political intrigues, deceit and seemingly various evil deeds as a leader, including that of sending out those men on some secret mission. Behind the mask of peace achievement ("You had us all strung out with promises of peace"), this character has done nothing but render the world even more unsafe than it was before, putting the lives of innocent people at risk with "prophecies [that] will send us all to hell as well". One cannot help but compare with the current situation worldwide, with governments waging wars, secretly or not, that endanger the lives of all of us due to the threat of terrorism that these conflicts generate after all, most bomb attacks in Western countries stem from the politics in the Middle-East of some so-called leading industrialised nations, and cause innocent civilians to pay that price with their lives.

The second and last part of the song, after the solo, enlarges the picture to something more general (notice the progression from the specific secret mission of the "men all dressed in black", to the leader who ordered the mission lying on his death bed, then to a broader worldwide situation). Although there is hope while there is life, some still consider that "life is cheap" and blatantly disregard the basic respect for other human beings, may they be their own troops sent to the slaughter, or simple citizens who die as a result of their dubious political man?uvres.



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