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Incredibly melodic, 'Out Of The Shadows' is one of the very few "power ballads" ever written by Iron Maiden, the others being 'Prodigal Son', 'No Prayer For The Dying', 'Wasting Love', and 'Journeyman'. However, it is much better than the previous ones, with the notable exception of 'Prodigal Son'. This little musical gem has lyrics that deal with life, and essentially with its beginning: birth. Being born is indeed being brought out of the shadows and the newborn is in Dickinson 's words "king for a day". The beauty of birth is however overshadowed by death, like all life, and one can't help but think about the sentence "as soon as you're born you're dying" in 'The Clairvoyant'.

The interesting albeit quite futile question of the meaning of life is once again raised, like in many other Iron Maiden songs "what purpose to it all?" and here again, no answer is given, provided there is one! Likewise, reincarnation is hinted at in the last sentence of the chorus also a recurrent theme in their songs and another tie with 'The Clairvoyant'.

Nevertheless, this is a song of hope, like the hope that arises with every newborn child. Every new human life represents beauty as well as pain (ask any mother how it feels!) the pain of birth and, naturally, the pain simply caused by living. This is inescapable, but we must indeed endure it during the short time we are "into the sun" to make life worth living before we return to oblivion, to those shadows we originally came out of.



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