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single42_different-world_100Once again, the first sounds of the album are those of the unflappable Nicko, this time screaming one of his famous "AYEEE!!!" Musically reminiscent of 'The Wicker Man', 'Different World' is in fact lyrically closer to 'Wildest Dreams'. This is once again a punchy opener with a great riff and a text about life and the necessity to live it to the full to make it worthwhile.

This time, however, the hopeful message present in previous songs like 'Wildest Dreams' does not seem to be so strongly present the lyrics of 'Different World', but instead gives way to a more realistic uncertainty. The protagonist of the song doesn't know what he wants, although he still intends to apply the "seize-the-day principle" and to "take hold of whatever comes [his] way". The grass supposedly always looks greener on the other side (wherever that may be), but he is nonetheless aware that he may not like what he finds there, which makes him therefore quite unwilling to take the risk.

We all see the world differently, hence the title of the song, and the 6 billion humans on the planet have some 6 billion different views on life, some being very close to each other, others being vastly apart. Only the acceptance of these different views and the tolerance that goes with it will make the world a better place. Wars are too often waged because some people want to impose their own views and exterminate the ones that are too far remote from theirs.

All in all, this song is a message advocating the enjoyment of the "little things" in life, as well as its careful planning, keeping in mind that situations can change unexpectedly and that we should be able to adapt to those changes. Is life really worth living if you're not willing to take a risk from time-to-time and to thrive for something better?



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