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Released: 16th November 2002

Some have mentioned that a compilation of B-sides was not necessary to the "real" Iron Maiden fans, as they would have all the singles already. This is actually a preposterous comment, as all these songs on a single double-CD release give a better sense of continuity and allow to feel the evolution that took place within the band from the release of the very first single to that of the most recent one. Although there are some B-sides missing – like, quite sadly, the cover of Thin Lizzy's 'Massacre' – it is still very enjoyable to listen to. The cover versions show Maiden's original influences and you can understand better where the inspiration for the genuine Maiden material comes from.

CD 1
1. Burning Ambition (Harris)
2. Drifter (live) (Harris, Di'Anno)
3. Invasion (Harris)
4. Remember Tomorrow (live) (Harris, Di'Anno)
5. I've Got The Fire (Montrose)
6. Cross-Eyed Mary (Anderson)
7. Rainbow's Gold (Slesser, Mountain)
8. King Of Twilight (Nektar)
9. Reach Out (Colwell)
10. That Girl (Barnett, Goldsworth, Jupp)
11. Juanita (Barnacle, O'Neil)
12. Sheriff Of Huddersfield (Iron Maiden)
13. Black Bart Blues (Harris, Dickinson)
14. Prowler '88 (Harris)
15. Charlotte The Harlot '88 (Murray)

CD 2
1. All In Your Mind (Bromham)
2. Kill Me Ce Soir (Koymans, Hay, Fenton)
3. I'm A Mover (Fraser, Rogers)
4. Communication Breakdown (Page, Jones, Bonham)
5. Nodding Donkey Blues (Dickinson, Harris, Murray, McBrain, Gers)
6. Space Station No. 5 (Montrose, Hagar)
7. I Can't See My Feelings (Shelley, Bourge)
8. Roll Over Vic Vella (Berry)
9. Justice of the Peace (Murray, Harris)
10. Judgement Day (Bayley, Gers)
11. My Generation (Townshend)
12. Doctor Doctor (Schenker, Mogg)
13. Blood On The World's Hands (live) (Harris)
14. The Aftermath (live) (Harris)
15. Futureal (live) (Harris, Bayley)
16. Wasted Years (live) (Smith)

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