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The horsemen of the apocalypse

Soundtrack: 'The Evil That Men Do'

As you step onto the roof of the ruined tower, you sense that your long adventure is nearly over. You hear the sound of galloping horses approaching. With a shimmer of blackness the horsemen arrive and you recognise them instantly. The four horsemen of the apocalypse! The ultimate enemy! Even Eddie looks worried as he turns to face the dreaded horsemen. Just as Eddie turns to attack, he is slammed into the ground by a ball of light! Before he can recover, he is struck again and thrown off the edge of the tower. He falls, and you face the horsemen alone. They charge you and circle away as you fire desperately at them, but your shots do not seem to affect these immortal creatures. There is nowhere to run, so you stand your ground and simply try to stay alive. Suddenly one of your shots has an effect! As you fire desperately one of the horsemen explodes with flash of light! One after another the Horsemen of the Apocalypse are destroyed and finally you stand alone on the tower, hardly believing that you are still alive.

Suddenly there is a strange distortion in the space nearby, and Eddie appears before you. He seems powerful and confident as he nods approvingly at you. You realise that he has led you here for this purpose and you have succeeded in your quest.



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