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Full-length, EMI Records
30 May 2000

Out Of The Silent Planet, The Wickerman


1. The Wicker Man 04:35
2. Ghost of the Navigator 06:50
3. Brave New World 06:19
4. Blood Brothers 07:14
5. The Mercenary 04:43
6. Dream of Mirrors 09:21
7. The Fallen Angel 04:01
8.The Nomad 09:06
9. Out of the Silent Planet 06:25
10. The Thin Line Between Love and Hate 08:27

Total time 01:07:01



Bruce Dickinson: Vocals
Steve Harris: Bass / Keyboard
Dave Murray: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Adrian Smith: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Janick Gers: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Nicko McBrain: Drums

"Brave New World" features the return of singer Bruce Dickinson and guitarist
Adrian Smith.

The album was also released in a hard cover gatefold double picture disc as a
limited edition.

Managed by Rod Smallwood, Andy Taylor and
Merck Mercunadis for Sanctuary Music
Management Ltd. Assisted by Dave Pattenden
and Paul Dando

Special thanks to: Martin Haxby, Val Janes, Bob Ward,
Johnnie Allan, Vicky Seliicks, Brian Locke and all at Sanctuary. Mark Howe, Pete De Vroom, Rob Shore, Tina Chang and all at Focus. David Gentle, Bill Liebowitz at Liebowitz, Roberts and Ritholz. Bob Chiappardi and Russ Gerroir at Concrete Marketing and Chip Ruggien at Chipster.

Booked by: John Jackson at Heiter Skelter and Rick Roskin at C.A.A.

Merchandise: Barry Drinkwater, Vicky Kostura at Big Tours.

The Killer Crew: Dick Bell, Steve Cox, Robbie Price, Doug Hail, Steve "Gonzo" Smith, Martin Brennan, Kevin (Batty) Walsh, Micheai Kenney, Mark Berryman, Pete Rusty Clark, Deptford John, Neil "Wurzel" Adcocks, Jeff Williams, Paul Stratford, Chuck Khouri, Kurstan Smith, lan "Squid" Waish and Waliy Grove.

Band Photographs: Dean Karr.
Sleeve/Artwork concept and design by Peacock.
Front Cover Artwork: Steve Stone/Derek Riggs.

Web team: Sarah "Polly" Poiglase, Sarah Philps, Johnny Burke and thanks to Maiden and Shrike.


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Album artwork:
Derek Riggs

Thanks to the still long-suffering road crew (Dave Lights, Loopy, Pete "I certainly didn't need all this" Bryant, Doug "Road-Dog" Hall), "Radar" Bance, Keith "Bloody Arsenal Supporter" Wilfort F.C., Eddie, Neal and Mitchie Kay, Ian Nuttall, Pete "The Bulk" Bennett, Muscle and Meteorlites, John Jackson, the Lensmen (Ross, Bob, Watal, Hiro, George, Simon, Toshi) Trev Searle, Vic Vella, Derek Riggs, Doc Cardwell, Paiste and Ludwig and, last but not least, you the fans. Up the Hammers'

Robert Ellis (original 1980 release)
Robert Ellis, Ross Halfin, P.G. Brunelli, Simon Fowler, Denis O'Regan, George Chin, Rod Smallwood (1998 re-release)

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