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Although he is mentioned in the lyrics, this song is not quite only about Steve's father, but mainly about life and what might eventually be beyond it. The image of the departed father is mostly there to highlight that the main thread between life and life after death is the memories of those who left ("And in a moment the memories are all that remain, And all the wounds are reopening again"). After all, there is no certainty of any kind of survival of the conscious self or soul for those who are religious but what is sure is that the departed ones that we have loved still live in our memory.

The song is also about being ashamed of what is going on in the world ("And as you look all around at the world in dismay"). History repeats itself seemingly endlessly and horrors still happen regardless of the lessons of past events (" you think we have learned? Not if you look at the war-torn affray"). This seems to follow what was hinted at in 'The Wicker Man', that no one seems to care anymore and that the ones who do care haven't got much weight in front of all this adversity.

Once again, like in 'No Prayer For The Dying', the question of the meaning for life arises ("Will we ever know what the answer to life really is?"). Only this time, it is not asked to some god who is very unlikely to answer anyway but in a more general way ("Can you really tell me what life is?").

Steve Harris summed up perfectly the meaning of this song in an interview with Johnny B. soon after the album was released:

"Basically it is saying that we are all made up of blood and tissue and there is good and bad in the world, some people are unlucky in life... things like that all rolled into one."

The music gives this excellent brooding feel of the one who reflects on the ways of the world, and the Celtic touches here and there add to this almost magical atmosphere. The chorus is perfect during the concerts, creating a bond between the band and the audience... like "Blood Brothers".



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