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24th November 2003

1. Rainmaker (Murray, Harris, Dickinson)
2. Dance Of Death (orchestral version) (Gers, Harris)
3. More Tea Vicar (Dickinson, Gers, Harris, McBrain Murray, Smith)

This is the second single from the Dance Of Death album. Like the Wildest Dreams single, the cover is a still taken from the corresponding video directed by Howard Greenhalgh. This single also contains a double-sided poster.

Rainmaker (Murray, Harris, Dickinson)
This is the same version as the one that appears on the Dance Of Death album.

Dance Of Death (orchestral version) (Gers, Harris)
This is the "orchestral" version of the song that appears on the Dance Of Death album. Quite a lot of arrangements have been added and make this version of the song quite interesting, as well as enjoyable.

More Tea Vicar (Dickinson, Gers, Harris, McBrain Murray, Smith)
'More Tea Vicar' (MTV for short!) is yet again the recording of a jam session in the same vein as 'Pass The Jam', with Bruce doing some interesting rapping. There isn't a lot to say about it, except that it is less enjoyable than 'Pass The Jam', even if it's shorter.


For those who are not familiar with "British things", just know that a vicar is a priest of the Church of England. This name could have been chosen to have the "V" of "MTV", as this song seems to be some sort of piss-take of that particular channel that calls itself a "music channel" but only plays mainstream commercial crap. The lyrics of 'More Tea Vicar' make no sense at all and reflect perfectly those of the so-called "hits" sung by the talentless monkeys that MTV airs profusely.

On the other hand, an even more logical explanation to such a title comes from a common joke, as the expression "more tea, vicar?" is sometimes used down the pub – and often in an exclusively male company – to acknowledge that somebody has farted. It is normally said in a posh voice in a parody of the behaviour in "upper class" circles. The whole song is in this case simply a big joke with no real meaning.