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single38_no-more-lies_20029th March 2004

1. No More Lies (Harris)
2. Paschendale (orchestral version) (Smith, Harris)
3. Journeyman (electric version) (Smith, Harris, Dickinson)
3 1/2. Age Of Innocence... How Old (Murray, Harris, Mc Brain)
— No More Lies (video) (Harris)

This is the "Dance Of Death Souvenir EP" – so technically-speaking not a single – released by Iron Maiden as "a special thank you to all the Maiden fans in celebration of an amazing year". Needless to say, it is only for the collectors and so-called "die-hard fans", even regardless of the fact that it is also a "strictly limited edition EP" (that incidentally can be found just about anywhere).

The intention of Iron Maiden to thank their fans is certainly very commendable and – mainly considering the pretty low price of this product – it would probably be unfair to say that they are once again trying to pluck more money from the above-mentioned fans. However, this little carboard box, with its ridiculously slim booklet and its quite tacky unique wrist-band (do they think that their fans are one-armed?) can be compared – to a certain extent – to these little chocolate eggs containing a surprise in their centre in the form of a tiny toy that needs to be assembled. Like these little goodies for kids, it's interesting at first, then you assemble the little toy while munching on the chocolate, then you pretty soon put the toy on some shelf and forget all about it. A similar chain of events happens following the purchase of this EP: you look at the pictures in the booklet while listening to the CD – and all this time wearing this little wrist-band of course! – and some 35 minutes later, you put it back on the shelf, its bright red colour being the only reminder of its presence in your collection. Like those chocolate eggs containing a "surprise", you love that as a kid. Then you grow up. And then you realise how naff it was...

No More Lies (Harris)
This is the same version as the one that appears on the Dance Of Death album.

Paschendale (orchestral version) (Smith, Harris)
This is yet again the "orchestral" version of a song that already appears on the Dance Of Death album. It's amazing to see that Iron Maiden managed to make virtually two albums out of one with their different versions and re-mixes of the same songs! This particular version of 'Paschendale' was really not necessary, as the one that features on the album is a masterpiece in its own right. On this "orchestral" version, the musical subtleties of the original song are completely smothered by an over-use of arrangements that actually make this mix less enjoyable than the one on the album. To make yet another comparison, this is a bit like a beautiful woman who is so tarted-up with make-up that she ends up looking ugly and tasteless.

Journeyman (electric version) (Smith, Harris, Dickinson)
This version of 'Journeyman' is actually quite interesting, as it is the original song that was supposed to be recorded for the album before someone – Steve Harris? – decided to make it an acoustic song. Like its acoustic counterpart, it is a brilliant song, with Adrian soloing almost constantly. At last an alternate version of a song that is not disappointing as compared to its original release!

Age Of Innocence... How Old? (Murray, Harris, McBrain)
This "Nicko-mix" version of 'Age Of Innocence' is absolutely hilarious! This is no secret for anyone, but just know that this "hidden bonus-track" comes after six minutes of absolute silence following the last notes of 'Journeyman'. This is a track that is reminiscent of some of the B-sides Maiden used to record in the late 80s and early 90s – a piss-take for the enjoyment of both the band and the fans. Listen to Nicko trying to sing and losing track, and that'll put you in a pretty good mood for the rest of the day.

No More Lies (video) (Harris)
This is a "real false" live video of 'No More Lies'. The studio track has actually been added to live pictures of the rendition of the song, plus a few crowd effects for good measure. Although it's pretty interesting, it leaves the bitter taste of having been somehow cheated. How ironic of Iron Maiden to be lying to their fans on a song with such a title!



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