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As the box itself is a treasure, the artworks used on the cds are not quite new. The only new illustration is on Best Of the B-Sides CD. Quite ugly looking green Eddie, showing his naked butt with “Maiden Rules” written on it, giving you the middle finger. All this happens in a truck cabin! Wait.. what?! Now when I process it I realize how absurd this is. The whole thing can be explained by the fact that B-sides refers to “back side” (usually the other side of a vinyl record) so there you go.. Eddie s asshole for the first time! Let’s be honest it is not one of the best artworks done by Mark Wilkinson, who works with Maiden at that time on some “Brave New World” era singles and arts!.

iron maiden eddies arhives 04  best of the bsides

The box itself is quite decent as long as a tin box can be! Mark Wilkinson is also the artist that did the design on this casket. In interview that is also posted on our site. He shares that the initial idea of the band was to make a wooden box for this issue. He suggested that it should be silver really, as it was for the 25th anniversary. Obviously, the cost would have been too high in silver so they did it in tin.
For the other CD’s we have 2 reused but guite good old artworks by Derek Riggs himself!

beast over hammermith

Beast Over Hammersmith uses the original artwork used for Iron Maiden’s tour program for the Beast On The Road World tour. This fits perfectly to the CD as the songs are recorded live on the same tour!
For the BBC Archives we see a revisited artwork done by Derek in the 90s to celebrate Iron Maiden signing to Capitol Records. Eddie destroying the Capitol Records headquarters in Los Angeles, California. For the BBC archives the building is changed with the BBC Broadcasting House in London.

bbc derek riggs 01 bbc derek riggs 02



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