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Punks (bottles)
Punks (axes)
Thugs (pistol)

Soundtrack: 'Phantom Of The Opera

You find yourself in the streets of London, in front of a pub called The Cart & Horses, a name you've seen before. It is a seedy-looking neighbourhood, and you are immediately assaulted by gangs of bottle-throwing punks. You draw your trusty pistol and the carnage begins! There are several routes that will take you to the Shady Pines Asylum where Eddie is imprisoned the subway, an alley or the street. Continuing your running battle with the punks and thugs, you pass the Ruskin Arms (yet another name that rings a bell) and turn left onto Acacia Avenue (Have you been there before? The name gives you an impression of Deja Vu). There, at the end of the road, is the asylum! After fending off a final assault by the villainous punks, you arrive at the front doors and enter.

Interesting landmarks:

  • The Cart & Horses pub This where Maiden played their very first gig.
  • The Ruskin Arms Another important venue from Maiden's early days.
  • Acacia Avenue Number 22 is there, with a red light burning inside and a woman's silhouette in the window


  • If you're using a mouse, try reducing the mouse sensitivity.
  • Always shoot the thugs and axe-punks first since they hit harder.
  • When you have a spare second, empty your gun to get a full reload.
  • Try all of the routes (the alley seems to be the easiest though).


Lunatics (teddy-bears)
Mad Scientists (saw)
Mad Scientists (flasks)

Soundtrack: 'Wrathchild'

The Shady Pines Asylum is a madhouse! Lunatics lurch drunkenly around, hurling teddy-bears that hit harder than you'd expect. Fortunately the teddy-bears are fairly easy to shoot out of the air, but you soon discover that the lunatics are tougher than they seem and require two bullets to kill. And the lunatics are not alone mad scientists (who presumably have been experimenting on the lunatics) attack you with hand-saws and flying flasks. The mad scientists die easily from a single shot, but their flasks fly fast and are difficult to shoot down. So although you can sense that Eddie's cell is just off the hallway straight ahead, it takes quite a while before you finally reach it and fling open the door. There you find Eddie chained in a padded cell but before you can react Eddie is sucked through the floor into an abyss. Naturally you follow...

Shoot the mad scientists first since they go down with only one bullet.


Evil monks (fireball)
Flying boulders
Demons (summon monks)

Soundtrack: 'Hallowed Be Thy Name'

You fall through the abyss, and are cast into the depths of hell. Through the fire and molten lava you see Eddie disappear up a stairway at the base of a huge tower. As you begin to follow, you are attacked by a huge winged demon. The demon summons black-robed monks which transform from the demon's fireballs and move toward you, hurling fireballs of their own. Oddly, your bullets are able to dissolve the fireballs, but your shots do not have much effect on the demon who continues to summon evil monks. Eventually, however, the demon falls from the sky and you begin the long ascent up the tower. Higher and higher you climb, with each stairway defended by more demons and monks. The scenery is breathtaking, with the foreboding tower illuminated by the glowing lava and flickering fire. Just when you think the climb will never end, you emerge into a narrow crypt just in time to witness Eddie bursting up through the ground into a graveyard.


  • Although the demons seem invincible, they do eventually die.
  • You can easily make a high score by ignoring the demons and just shooting the monks.
  • Don't waste time and bullets shooting at the monks until they have completely appeared.


Zombies (throw skulls)
Zombies (throw guts)
Zombies (arm-club)

Soundtrack: 'Fear Of The Dark'

After following Eddie up through the grave, you find yourself in the All Saint's graveyard. A large gothic church towers above the graveyard, overlooking rows of gravestones. As you stare in horror, the earth over the graves begins to shake and zombies begin to emerge and shamble toward you. Some of them hurl skulls at your head, others throw globs of rotting guts, and a few wield severed limbs as clubs. And these zombies are tough! The undead do not die easily and it takes many shots to bring one down. Luckily, you discover that a shotgun blast to the head will tear a zombie apart, and with new confidence you grimly face the undead hordes. Relentlessly, they pursue you through the graveyard, until finally you arrive at a crypt just as Eddie disappears inside. With a flash of light Eddie is gone, and with a final glance at the graveyard horror you step after him into the crypt and disappear in a flash of light.


  • Always shoot at the head of the zombies.
  • Take advantage of the shotgun whenever it's available.
  • Don't waste shots at the zombies until they've finished climbing out of their graves.



Soundtrack: 'Powerslave'

You arrive in the desert in front of a massive pyramid. Just ahead of you Eddie climbs the gigantic stone steps and enters the main gates of the pyramid. You race after him, and enter the tomb of the pharaoh. By the flickering light of torches you can see that the walls of the passageway are beautifully painted with Egyptian gods, ancient pharaohs and hieroglyphics. But you don't have much time to admire them, because your way is blocked by shambling mummies who throw ankhs and balls of lightning at you. You remember being amazed at the toughness of the graveyard zombies, but these mummies are something altogether different. You drop one with five shots to the head, only to see it climb back up and attack again! With another burst you put it down for good, but the other mummies are already closing in.

Snakes drop from the ceiling and scorpions rush you from the shadows, but somehow you force your way though them and follow Eddie down the flickering passages. After what seems like an eternity of gunfire you arrive at the pharaoh's inner tomb. Eddie has found it ahead of you, and as he rushes toward the golden sarcophagus the mummy of the pharaoh steps out to meet him. With a flying kick Eddie decapitates the mummy, and both you and he are once again transported in a flash of light.


  • Always use the quick-shot rifle whenever it is available.
  • Shoot the snakes and scorpions first, because they move in fast.


Alien dudes (rockets)
Green women (pistols)

Soundtrack: 'Futureal'

As the flash of light fades you find that you have been transported to a museum of ancient Egypt in some futuristic city. Eddie has left already, so you step out onto the street in pursuit with a fleeting hope that the natives will be friendly. But alas, those hopes are quickly dashed as you immediately come under rocket fire from an alien sniper. Strange green women shoot at you from behind the cover of buildings and you desperately fire back. As you fight your way down the street, you notice a familiar landmark in this strange futuristic city somehow the Ruskin Arms has survived all these years! You blast your way into the Ruskin Arms pub, where you find a time machine. But once again Eddie has arrived before you, and as he sets the controls of the time machine he is attacked by two more of the city's psychotic denizens. Hurling a ball of light at them, Eddie activates the time machine and leaps into the future!

Shoot at the heads of the bad guys.
Kill the green women first, since you cannot shoot down their bullets.


Red mutants
T-shirted mutants

Soundtrack: 'The Evil That Men Do'

When you regain consciousness you find yourself far in the future, in the broken remains of the city. Hulking ruins of sky-scrapers cast eerie shadows over the shredded streets, and in the dim light you see the twisted forms of humanoid mutants converging toward you. Already you can hear their coarse grunts as they rip huge slabs of cement from the streets and hurl them at you. Desperately you follow Eddie into the stairwell of the nearest building and begin to fight your way upwards. The mutants attack relentlessly, and your pistol is not of much use against them. Using the strange weapons that you find along the way, you are able to overpower the mutants and succeed in fighting your way to the top of the tower.


  • Conserve your shots for the high-tech rifle, since the pistol is almost useless.

The horsemen of the apocalypse

Soundtrack: 'The Evil That Men Do'

As you step onto the roof of the ruined tower, you sense that your long adventure is nearly over. You hear the sound of galloping horses approaching. With a shimmer of blackness the horsemen arrive and you recognise them instantly. The four horsemen of the apocalypse! The ultimate enemy! Even Eddie looks worried as he turns to face the dreaded horsemen. Just as Eddie turns to attack, he is slammed into the ground by a ball of light! Before he can recover, he is struck again and thrown off the edge of the tower. He falls, and you face the horsemen alone. They charge you and circle away as you fire desperately at them, but your shots do not seem to affect these immortal creatures. There is nowhere to run, so you stand your ground and simply try to stay alive. Suddenly one of your shots has an effect! As you fire desperately one of the horsemen explodes with flash of light! One after another the Horsemen of the Apocalypse are destroyed and finally you stand alone on the tower, hardly believing that you are still alive.

Suddenly there is a strange distortion in the space nearby, and Eddie appears before you. He seems powerful and confident as he nods approvingly at you. You realise that he has led you here for this purpose and you have succeeded in your quest.



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