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en Vivo cd

 Released: 23 March 2012

Recorded Estadio Nacional Santiago, Chile 10 April 2011

Label:  EMI,  UME (U.S.)

Director: Andy Matthews

Producer: Kevin Shirley


En Vivo! (Spanish for Live!) is a live/video filmed by Banger Films, Inc during The Final Frontier World Tour at Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile on 10 April 2011 and directed by Andy Matthews. It was released worldwide on 26 March 2012, 23 March in Australia, 27 March in the United States and Canada[3] and 28 March in Japan.[4]

Met with a generally positive critical response, the video counterpart includes a feature length behind the scenes documentary and peaked at No. 1 in the Australian, Austrian, Finnish, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Spanish, Swedish and UK Music Video Charts.




Track listing

All songs written and composed by Steve Harris, except where noted.

Disc one

1. "Satellite 15" (from The Final Frontier, 2010) Harris, Adrian Smith 4:36
2. "The Final Frontier" (from The Final Frontier, 2010) Harris, Smith 4:10
3. "El Dorado" (from The Final Frontier, 2010) Bruce Dickinson, Harris, Smith 5:52
4. "2 Minutes to Midnight" (from Powerslave, 1984) Dickinson, Smith 5:50
5. "The Talisman" (from The Final Frontier, 2010) Janick Gers, Harris 8:45
6. "Coming Home" (from The Final Frontier, 2010) Dickinson, Harris, Smith 5:57
7. "Dance of Death" (from Dance of Death, 2003) Gers, Harris 9:03
8. "The Trooper" (from Piece of Mind, 1983) 3:59
9. "The Wicker Man" (from Brave New World, 2000) Dickinson, Harris, Smith 5:06

Total length: 53:18

Disc Two

1. "Blood Brothers" (from Brave New World, 2000) 7:04
2. "When the Wild Wind Blows" (from The Final Frontier, 2010) 10:37
3. "The Evil That Men Do" (from Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, 1988) Dickinson, Harris, Smith 4:17
4. "Fear of the Dark" (from Fear of the Dark, 1992) 7:30
5. "Iron Maiden" (from Iron Maiden, 1980) 5:08
6. "The Number of the Beast" (from The Number of the Beast, 1982) 4:57
7. "Hallowed Be Thy Name" (from The Number of the Beast, 1982) 7:28
8. "Running Free" (from Iron Maiden, 1980) Paul Di'Anno, Harris 7:57

Total length: 54:58

Production list acquired from AllMusic

Bruce Dickinson - lead vocals
Dave Murray – guitar
Adrian Smith - guitar, backing vocals
Janick Gers – guitar
Steve Harris - bass guitar, backing vocals
Nicko McBrain - drums

Michael Kenney - keyboards

Kevin Shirley - producer, mixing
George Marino – mastering
Tony Newton – engineer
Jared Kvitka – assistant
Peacock - art direction, cover illustration, design
Melvyn Grant - cover illustration
Daniel Reed - cover illustration
John McMurtrie – photography



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