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En Vivo DVDThe intention to release a live document from The Final Frontier World Tour was first announced in the press release for the From Fear to Eternity compilation on 15 March 2011, in which the band's manager, Rod Smallwood, reported that the concerts in Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina were being filmed for a DVD release. On 7 April, Banger Films, Inc, the same production company behind the 2009 documentary, Iron Maiden: Flight 666, announced that they would be filming both concerts, and reportedly used 22 HD cameras and an octocam (a flying camera which captures aerial crowd scenes). On top of this, the band transported a gigantic stage prop of their mascot, Eddie, to South America specially for the recording, which, according to bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris, "wasn't due to make his appearance until our European leg of the tour later in 2011."

The release date, title and artwork were disclosed on 17 January 2012 as well as the news that it would also be available on Blu-ray, CD and LP (as well as the aforementioned DVD format, released in standard and special "steel book" editions). In addition, the band confirmed that they had chosen their performance in Chile as the main basis for the release, with Harris commenting, "After much consideration, we chose the Santiago show as we felt it was one of our best performances of the entire tour and to play at the prestigious Estadio Nacional was a landmark moment for us." Furthermore, the press release reported that the video will include the use of split screens, with director Andy Matthews later commenting that "Split screens are a way of showing several pieces of action at the same time. With Maiden, you have a dramatic wide shot of the stage, as well as six bandmembers, Eddie and an amazing crowd! We used this technique as so much is going on."

Accompanying the concert footage, the Blu-ray and DVD releases include an 88-minute "behind the scenes" documentary, entitled "Behind The Beast", featuring interviews with members of the band and crew, documenting the entire Ed Force One leg of The Final Frontier World Tour. Speaking about the documentary, Matthews explained that "I wanted to give a first-hand idea of exactly what goes on behind the scenes to put on an Iron Maiden show. I had 24-hour access to all that happens, as it happened, and it was a great pleasure to convey all the hard work and fun that goes into it. There are so many fascinating logistics involved." The special features section also includes the promo music video to "Satellite 15... The Final Frontier", with an accompanying "making of" film, and the tour's intro video in its entirety.


Disc One

1. "Satellite 15" (from The Final Frontier, 2010) Harris, Adrian Smith 4:36
2. "The Final Frontier" (from The Final Frontier, 2010) Harris, Smith 4:10
3. "El Dorado" (from The Final Frontier, 2010) Bruce Dickinson, Harris, Smith 5:52
4. "2 Minutes to Midnight" (from Powerslave, 1984) Dickinson, Smith 5:50
5. "The Talisman" (from The Final Frontier, 2010) Janick Gers, Harris 8:45
6. "Coming Home" (from The Final Frontier, 2010) Dickinson, Harris, Smith 5:57
7. "Dance of Death" (from Dance of Death, 2003) Gers, Harris 9:03
8. "The Trooper" (from Piece of Mind, 1983) 3:59
9. "The Wicker Man" (from Brave New World, 2000) Dickinson, Harris, Smith 5:06

Total length: 120 min

Dick Two

1. "Blood Brothers" (from Brave New World, 2000) 7:04
2. "When the Wild Wind Blows" (from The Final Frontier, 2010) 10:37
3. "The Evil That Men Do" (from Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, 1988) Dickinson, Harris, Smith 4:17
4. "Fear of the Dark" (from Fear of the Dark, 1992) 7:30
5. "Iron Maiden" (from Iron Maiden, 1980) 5:08
6. "The Number of the Beast" (from The Number of the Beast, 1982) 4:57
7. "Hallowed Be Thy Name" (from The Number of the Beast, 1982) 7:28
8. "Running Free" (from Iron Maiden, 1980) Paul Di'Anno, Harris 7:57

Total length: 102 min

Blu-ray/ DVD bonuses

• Behind The Beast documentary
• Satellite 15...The Final Frontier promo video (director's cut)
• The Making of Satellite 15...The Final Frontier promo
• The Final Frontier World Tour Show Intro

Production list acquired from AllMusic

Bruce Dickinson - lead vocals
Dave Murray – guitar
Adrian Smith - guitar, backing vocals
Janick Gers – guitar
Steve Harris - bass guitar, backing vocals
Nicko McBrain - drums


Michael Kenney - keyboards

Kevin Shirley - producer, mixing
George Marino – mastering
Tony Newton – engineer
Jared Kvitka – assistant
Peacock - art direction, cover illustration, design
Melvyn Grant - cover illustration
Daniel Reed - cover illustration
John McMurtrie – photography