kiko01Introduce yourself with few words.

My name is Kiril. I'm 21 years old (for now) from Sofia. Huge music and sports fan and completely dedicated to both of them. In sports I participate with playing Tennis and in music I play guitar and listen to Iron Maiden and sometimes Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath.

When was the first time when you heard Maiden?

The first time was back in the year 2000. The "Brave New World" album was just released. I had a schoolmate which's sister was listening to heavy metal. She was few years bigger than us. So that guy was the first metal head in my class. At first I was laughing at him and I was not metal head at all. I was listening to rap and some pop shit and I didn't think that metal is music at all. So one day my friend was frustrated and tired by me mocking him and gave me a CD-R with the songs Fear of the Dark, The Number of the Beast, Aces High и Run To The Hills recorded. That was the exact track order. I remember that the first few seconds of „Fear Of The Dark" hit me so hard... and I said to myself "Damn it, this is genius!". I was afraid even to admit that because I was ashamed by myself. I remember that I fucked up the CD from playing. Then I remember that there was euphoria around the new album – „Brave New World". I heard the album and I went to buy a Maiden T-shirt without any doubts.

Which are your favorite Iron Maiden albums?

"Seventh Son of a Seventh Son", "Brave New World", "A Matter of life and Death" and "The Final Frontier". This is tough question and this is my top 4 but if it was top 6 I will include "The Number Of The Beast" and "Piece Of Mind". It's hard to choose because during the years every album was my favorite at some point. There was a time when I was listening only to "Somewhere in Time" or "No Prayer For The Dying". According to Last.FM my favorite album is "The Final Frontier" followed by "Seventh Son" and "Rock In Rio".. but the last one is Live so it doesn't count.

Do you have a favorite caption or sentence from a song?

I've had: "When you know that your time is close at hand, maybe then you'll begin to understand that life down here is just a strange illusion" was my favorite but later I realized that its taken from Beckett song and I was disappointed. But now it is "If I could survive to live one more time. I wouldn't be changing a thing at all."

What about a favorite cover art?

First I don't think there is equal to "Killers", but I really don't like that album pretty much...which bothers me. I know that is not right, but more or less the quality of the album forms my opinion for the cover. If we put "Killers" aside my favorites are "The Number Of The Beast" and "Seventh Son".

What about "Somewhere In Time"?

Oh it is my desktop Wallpaper right now. I like it a lot but I prefer much more clear covers. "Somewhere In Time" is a masterpiece, but with the others I have too much memories related and that's why I choose them.

What is the best thing happened to you related with the band?

The concerts! I remember when I was on my way to the Locomotive Stadium back in 2007 and I couldn't believe what is happening. I couldn't sleep during the night and in school I was in some sort of trans. All I could think about was the show that night. The longest waiting in my life was when Lauren Harris finished her set. Basically it was 20 minutes but it felt like eternity. This was the only Maiden gig which I watched by myself. All the rest I watched with the Bulgarian fan club so the emotions were even bigger.


I won't forget the mosh during the show in Athens 2008, or the small Bulgarian legion that we formed in Cluj-Romania causing Bruce to say "Scream for me Bulgaria..." and then he corrected himself.
The show in Belgrade was also a special one. We didn't knew any set list and it was during the winter. I had some exams in school on the next day so I went directly in class from the bus. It was insane.

How about the most disappointing thing related with the band?

When the show in Sofia in 2011 was cancelled. Because of some strange circumstances I couldn't join the fan club in the trip to Athens later. So this was the first time I didn't saw Maiden live. From the concert in Sofia 2007 until 2011 I have watched them every year. In 2010 two times with the fan club on the three day trip to Sziget festival - Hungary and Romania.

How many Maiden shows have you attended?

Five. Sofia 2007, Athens 2008, Belgrade 2009, Budapest and Cluj 2010. In 2010 the emotions were great and the set list was amazing.

Which Maiden show is your favorite?

In Belgrade I remember that me, Todor and Iliyana entered the the hall, 30 minutes before the show. I sat on the seats and started reading the tour book. During the Lauren Harris show I went outside to make a phone call, and after that I went back to my seat. This doesn't sound like a metal gig at all, but after the show I wasn't tired, I didn't smell like shit and I was not beat up from some other guys in the crowd. It was really calm and I enjoyed it a lot.


On the other hand with the same 2 guys mentioned above I spent amazing moments on the show in Romania. We were singing "Blood Brothers" when out of the nowhere Nicko and Gery joined us on the frontlines. This was amazing because it was the only time when all of us were together

Are you an Iron Maiden collector?

Not really. I have all the albums on CD and also a lot of t-shirts, vinyls and other stuff like hats, posters etc. But I couldn't call myself a collector.

What is the most precious thing that you have related with the band?

Hmm... In 2010 I went to study in England and few days before that my closest friends from the fan club gave me an album with regards and pictures from all the travels and parties together. And also a huge flag with the words "Coming Home". I think this is my precious thing.

Did your study in England changed something in you like a fan? How did you felt in the home country of Iron Maiden? What was the best emotion like a fan when you were in England?

I saw the culture of the country that gave birth to my favorite bands. I saw how the music that we like is part of everyday's life. In every bookstore there are postcards with The Who, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Iron Maiden. In every music store 2/3 from the shelves were full of my favorite music.


The best things that happen to me like a fan were the concerts of Alter Bridge and Black Sabbath that I attended. I study in Birmingham and there I saw Black Sabbath which was amazing because this is their hometown. This is the home town of Heavy Metal.. there is also a museum there.

You've mentioned the Black Sabbath gig and I know a funny story about the way you bought your ticket. Can I ask you to tell it one more time for everybody?

I woke up one morning and I'm greeted by the rainy English weather. I do what I do every morning. Have a breakfast and check for some news on my PC. So suddenly I realized that tonight Black Sabbath will be playing in a hall that is 150 meters from the place where I live. The Show is sold-out because the venue is with capacity 3,000 people and will be something like a rehearsal for their show in Donington. I was devastated and I went for the regular daily shoping. I was passing by the venue and I saw the fans outside, I decided to check one more time for available tickets. I spent 2 hours asking and looking for ticket until the doors were open and the audience entered the hall. I headed home and I heard two people arguing for a price. I turned around and I saw a black guy holding a ticket and two other guys bidding for the ticket. The price had reached 80 pounds and they were bidding with 5 pounds every time. I had 120 pounds in me and I went directly to the guy and told him: "120 is that ok?" He gave me the ticket and said to the other two bidders. "Sorry guys the dude wins!" I didn't have the time to see their reaction. I grabbed the ticket and rushed to enter the venue and get close to the stage. Finally I make it and it was a great concert. The ticket was expensive but the event was something special so I don't regret anything.

What is the most absurd thing that you heard for IRON MAIDEN?

That they are a band without good ideas.

Is there something that you don't like about the band?

I don't like the latest cover (The Final Frontier) and sometimes I don't like the set list but these are not that important.

If you have the opportunity to change something about the band, what it would be?

Probably I would like make them change the set list every show. Not the entire but probably 2-3 songs.

Since when you are a member of the Bulgarian fan club?

Since 2008. I filled in my registration form in the bus on my way back from Athens after the show. I remember that when I was writing the form – Lyubo was cursing the Greek fans for pushing him with hoarse voice.

What was the reason for you to join the club?

It felt like a good idea and it was. Now we are one big family.


What is the most pleasant memory with the fan club?

As I said all the concerts that we attended together.

Tell us about interesting fan club story?

In Belgrade 2009 I and Dimitar Todorov a.k.a Morgoth went to the Hilton hotel to search for the band. We presented ourselves as George and John from the official fan club. We said that we are from London and we have a meeting arranged with Steve Harris. We also showed our BG fan club badges. The guy told us: "Maiden are not here, they are at the corner". We turn around and look at the corner of the street, looking for a bus or something. So after few minutes waiting we went to the concert. Later we understood that there is a hotel in Belgrade named "The Corner"

What makes you proud with the fan club?

First I'm proud that our fan club is growing bigger and stronger. We have a great forum and one of the best websites. We are really united and we have a great time together. In country like ours where Maiden became popular quite later and this type of music was forbidden -The presence of such a fan club that is so strong and popular is miracle and a reason to be proud of.


What is the thing that can make you hate Iron Maiden and stop listening to their music?

If they become something like KISS or METALLICA, no matter that I like Metallica. Maiden have unique style and attitude on the stage. No one knows everything about their private lives except their biggest fans and they know only some facts. For me Maiden are great because they are what they are just because their music. Without any help from the medias and stuff. If they spoil what they've created I'm not sure if I will stop listening to their music, but I would be quite disappointed.

And after all "Why Maiden"?

Because my schoolmate had recorded me Maiden on that CD. It could be Manowar or something else and now I could be a follower of Thor or something ha-ha . No seriously Maiden are the best... that's it.

If you ever have the opportunity to go out to a bar with some member of the band, which would you choose and what would be the related topics?

Tough question! Probably Bruce because I think he is the most interesting person from the band. There are a lot of topics to discuss with him and I want to hear his opinion. On the other hand I want to ask Steve Harris a lot of things regarding some songs, and Dave Murray some guitar stuff...

When you have family and children, how are you going to educate them? How would you feel if they don't want to hear about iron maiden and like stuff like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

I don't think that I will Allow that. For sure I will introduce them to good music like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elvis .. when they grew older we will switch to harder music and they will choose their way. I grew up with Deep Purple, Queen and Chris Rea and till now I still like that. So I will do my best for my children to like Maiden.


You have lived in Bulgaria, England and Italy. What are the main differences that young man like you sees and if you have the opportunity to stay somewhere, where it would be?

When I was little the travels around Europe looked to me like a visit to a different planet. Everything was so much different and better. Now things here are quite closer to what I have seen in other European countries. But our way of life and our thinking have to be changed a lot. What separate us from that are not the poorness and low standard of living, but the wrong thinking and way of living.

Tell us something about yourself that we don't know or forgot to ask?

You didn't ask me which my favorite song is. The answer is "Wildest Dreams"... don't ask me why. And another thing that Jimmy doesn't know: During the song "No More Lies" in Budapest someone kicked him in the butt, and he turned to find and kill this someone. The truth is that this someone was me.




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