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album09_fotd_a_small lineup1992
Full-length, EMI Records
11 Май 1992

Be Quick Or Be Dead, From Here To Eternity, From Here To Eternity LP, Wasting Love


1. Be Quick or be Dead 03:24
2. From Here to Eternity 03:39
3. Afraid to Shoot Strangers 06:56
4. Fear is the Key 05:35
5. Childhood's End 04:41
6. Wasting Love 05:51
7. The Fugitive 04:54
8. Chains of Misery 03:37
9. The Apparition 03:55
10. Judas be My Guide 03:09
11. Weekend Warrior 05:39
12. Fear of the Dark 07:17

Общо Времетраене 58:37
Bruce Dickinson: Vocals
Steve Harris: Bass
Dave Murray: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Janick Gers: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Nicko McBrain: Drums

Изданието от 1995 върви с бонус диск със следните песни

01 - Nodding Donkey Blues
02 - Space Station #5
03 - I Can't See My Feeling
04 - Roll Over Vic Vella
05 - No Prayer For The Dying (live)
06 - Public Enema #1 (live)
07 - Hooks In You (live)

Преиздадената версия от 1998 съдържа специална мултимедиина секция с клипове, галерии, биографии, интернет връзки и луксозна книжка с 24 страници с пълни текстове илюстрации на Eddie и снимки.
Продуциран от:
Martin "The Juggler" Birch and Steve Harris

Режисиран от:
Martin Birch

Миксиран от:
Martin Birch and Steve Harris

Записан и миксиран в:
Barnyard Studios, Essex, England

Асистент режисьор:
Mick "Doctor" McKenna

Специални благодарности на:
Michael Kenney – клавири

Ремастериран от:
Simon Hayworth at Chop 'Em Out (1998 re-release)

Илюстрации от:
Melvyn Grant

George Chin, Phil Anstice

The Complete Works (original 1992 release)

Locations by:
Phil Anstice

Rod Smallwood and Andy Taylor for Sanctuary Music

Iron Maiden искат да благодарят на:

Rod Smallwood, Andy Taylor, Aky Najeeb, Merck Mercuriadis, Keith Wilfort, Mike Miller, Paul Oxley, Michael Conacur, Noel Shields, Sheila Poff, Derek Jones, David Hoare and all at Sanctuary
The Killer Krew: Dicky Bell, Graham Holmes, Doug Hall, Paul Devine, Michael Kenney, Steve Gadd, Kevin "Batty" Walsh, Robbie Price, Trisha Clarke, Chris Hiles, Toby Short, Alan Parker, Anzac, Mark Berryman, Chris Lang, Dee Miller, Mick Staplehurst, Nick Farrant, Robin Brigham, Tony Simpson, Tony Leighton, Mark Armstrong, Dave Mills
Howard Johnson, Tracey jay, Annick Barbaria, Ralph Simon, Clive Calder, David Gentle, Derek Riggs, Barry Drinkwater and Bravado, Vicky Kostura and the I.L.S. Homeboy, Rangi, George Chin, Tony Mottram, Ross Halfin, Phil McIntyre and Paul Roberts, Ossy
Hoppe, Bill Elson and ICM, John Jackson and Fair Warning, Howard Jones, Michael Thomas, Bill Leibowitz, Jim Dunford, Ian Patton and Stafford Knight, Eva Strom, Lindsey, Angela, Rina at Platinum Travel, Diane Steel and Steady State Travel, Caroline Latif and David Larkham at the Complete Works, Maurice Jones, Tim Parsons and Stuart Galbraith at M.C.P., Mark Cordury, Bill Talbot, Mark Fairburn at Talisman, Norfolk N.C.C., Bob Chiappardi and Concrete Marketing, John Valent and Tour Design
Vic Vella, John Smith, Bridie Rumsey, Manu DaSilva, Trevor Searle, Mark Malevani, Steve Lazarus, Melbourne Sports F.C., Andy Curran, Shaun Hutson, Lorraine, Lauren, Kerry, Faye and George Harris, Emma Roe, John Burke, Paddy, Austin and Polywog, Sweetpea and Baby Nick Jr., Lois and Boleslaw Gers, Sandra, Chris, Andrea, Micky Dripping, Yvette, Ginger, Mick and Kate, Tamar and Tasha, Adrian and Nathalie Smith
Thomas, Robert, Michy, Ted Voellmy and all at Paiste, Karl Heinz Menzel, Horst and Oliver Link, John Dyke and all at Sonor, Mike Brooks, Paiste UK, David Hammond and all at Shawsticks, John Midgeley and all at Beyer Dynamic, John Winkler, Frank Micali and all at Backstage Music, Jeff "Spuds Daily" and Debbie Hammer, Mark and Debs Guterres, Martin Connolly and Sue, Jerry Ricci and all at the N.P.A., Phil Hilborne, Andy Frost
Pat "The Mad Irishman" Hegan, Dave and Carrie and all at The Spoons, Clive Sutton Jaguar, Ken Dobbs, Crate Amplifiers, Digitech, Washburn Guitars, Tom "M.G.M." Mates, all at Korg, Jim, Mike Simon and all at Marshall Amplification, Eventide, Rob and all at Thatched Cottage, Peter Cornish, Steve Kaufman and Jackson Guitars, Larry and Steve at Di Marzio Pick Ups, Mark Wittenberg, Tom Nolan, Larry Brookes and Fender Guitars, Ernie Ball Strings, Strings and Things, Rich and Bob at Gallien Krueger, John Thompson Audio, Neve, Packhorse Cases, Seymour Duncan, EMU E.V. Speakers, Stirling Sound, Chris Joel and Motts Travel, Ronan Willson at Meteorlites, Mike Lowe and Brian Grant at Brittania Row, Panasonic (UK), M2 Video, Tom Goulding, Andy Munro, H.W. International, Trans-Am, Jason and all at Rotosound Strings, Denny Ball Music, Ian Haynes and Ed Butler at Rock-It Cargo, Machine Head Music, Alan Chesters and Hangman, Fiona and Mouse at Cat and Mouse Catering, Tony Lawrence at Eat To The Beat, Jim Dunlop, Phil and Mariko at B.M.S.

Up the Irons!

Всички заглавия собственост на:
Zomba Music Publishing Ltd

Hugh Gilmour @ Diablo Design Ltd (1998 re-release)

Iron Maiden F.C.:
P.O. Box 10, London, SW19 3TW (original 1992 release)

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