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Released: 29th June 1992

1. From Here To Eternity (Harris)
2. Roll Over Vic Vella (Berry)
3. Public Enema Number One (live) (Murray, Dickinson)
4. No Prayer For The Dying (live) (Harris)

From Here To Eternity was the second single from the Fear Of The Dark album and reached number 21 in the U.K. charts. The cover picture is taken from the song's video and is one of very few Maiden singles with a photograph as a cover picture.

Rod Smallwood's comments are taken from the Best Of The B'Sides album booklet included in the Eddie's Archive box.

From Here To Eternity (Harris)
This is the same version as the one that appears on the Fear Of The Dark album.

Roll Over Vic Vella (Berry)
This song is originally by the legendary Chuck Berry and was entitled 'Roll Over Beethoven'. Iron Maiden's version is quite strange it opens with just over a minute of spoken dialogue which has the same pocket-recorded feel as 'Mission From 'Arry'. The song itself has completely different lyrics (written by Steve Harris) than the original and also has more of the spoken dialogue mixed into multiple places in the song. The whole track revolves around a conversation between Steve Harris and Vic about a roadie who ended up stuck quite literally in a shit hole. This conversation is difficult to understand, mostly for those who are not familiar with English, not only because of the thick Cockney accent, but also because Vic mostly speaks while munching on crisps!

In any case this song seems to be sort of a joke on Vic Vella in the same spirit as 'Sheriff Of Huddersfield'. The end has this hilarious Derek and Clive feel, mostly when you hear the infamous "fucking cunt" sentence mumbled by Vic Vella. The song itself has the speed and energy of the original Chuck Berry version and whoever likes rock'n'roll oldies style will enjoy this track.

When I first met the band in mid 1979 Vic was the tour manager, the security guy, the sound engineer, roadie he did everything. He worked for us for quite a few years then he retired about mid eighties but he's still very much in touch with everybody and he does a lot of work for Steve at his home. Roll Over Vic Vella is a tribute to one of our greatest supporters and friends ever. Thanks Vic!!

Rod Smallwood

Public Enema Number One (live) (Murray, Dickinson)
This live version of 'Public Enema Number One' was recorded at the Wembley Arena on 17th December 1990 during the No Prayer On The Road world tour.

No Prayer For The Dying (live) (Harris)

This live version of 'No Prayer For The Dying' was recorded at the Wembley Arena on 17th December 1990 during the No Prayer On The Road world tour.



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