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'The Fugitive' is based on the original television series (19631967) [see also the IMDb], which was made into a 1993 film with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, then remade again into a very disappointing bland new 2000 series that real fans of the original Fugitive should avoid. Both the series and the film are a tense action-thriller in which Dr. Kimble, an eminent surgeon wrongly accused of brutally murdering his wife, is relentlessly pursued by US Marshal Samuel Gerard. Following his escape from police custody, Dr. Kimble must find the real murderer, a one-armed man he saw at the scene of the crime, before he is found and executed for a crime he did not commit.

It's a good song whose mood matches the subject quite well. There is a double set of guitar solos in the instrumental section, and if you listen carefully you can also hear a bit of synth in the background.



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