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This is the return of the infamous Charlotte the Harlot on the back of a motorbike! However, the mood of the song is very different from 'Charlotte The Harlot' and '22 Acacia Avenue'. Both the music and the lyrics lack the depth of the previous songs, making this particular piece a big disappointment.

'From Here To Eternity' was the second single from the album, chosen essentially by the band for the catchiness of the music. The lyrics should not be taken seriously, as the whole song is quite simply a joke. The straightforward interpretation is that the song is about a woman's relationship with a biker and his motorcycle, the text being however full of sexual symbolism and puns.

The best feature on this song is the great guitar solos, but otherwise it has the feel of a made-to-be-a-single, which is pretty uncharacteristic for Maiden. At the end of the song, you can hear Bruce cryptically say: "Get on your M11, get on your bike!" Why he mentions this motorway that links North-East London to Cambridge is a mystery...



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