We are really happy to announce that we have become partners with the POWERSLAVED COMMUNITY !

POWERSLAVED is a new Iron Maiden audio / video community, for Iron Maiden fans from all around the world to meet up and share their passion and love for, who else? IRON MAIDEN! A community built by fans, run by fans, and, most importantly, supported by fans.
POWERSLAVED is not another board for simply sharing stuff; it is rather a meeting place for regular fans, tapers, filmers, traders, collectors, people who've been listening to Maiden since they were born as well as people who are new to the Iron Maiden experience.

For all of them POWERSLAVED has reserved, and keeps on offering for their enjoyment, hundreds of audio and video shows by Iron Maiden and Maiden related artists, high quality artwork for bootlegs that don't have one, the Powerslaved Forum with plenty of vivid discussions, competitions with special awards, reviews of audio / video shows, unique contribution benefits for our VIP name a few.

So, everyone feel free to visit the community and enjoy your time there.

May this Maiden-born affiliation long live and prosper!




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