Friends and fans, our site was shut down last week so we can switch to the new version. More than eight months, a handful of people worked so we can introduce you to entirely new site with many more features and a brand new concept. It is impossible to explain in a few sentences exactly how much work it was because we started everything from scrap, but after we had already done it once, now it was definitely much more organized work. From now on we can promise that the site will be much more accessible, more frequently updated, you will learn the news about Iron Maiden as soon as possible and archive resources will be much more updated and we will continuously introduce new things. The new forum and site may cause some errors, but as always, together we can correct them. For this purpose, if you notice something that is wrong with the site or forum, please contact us on our new e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Huge thanks to Gergana Popova, Ilian Kovachev, Constantine Yovkov and Dimitar Todorov. We spent many sleepless nights over the past months working on the site.

Thanks to all who are with us.



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