IRON MAIDEN's April 8 and April 10 concerts in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Santiago, Chile, respectively, were filmed and recorded for a future DVD release.

In a interview with Chile's Futuro 88.9 FM, IRON MAIDEN bassist Steve Harris stated about the DVD,

"We will record two shows. We will use footage from both concerts for the DVD.

"We have amazing supporters in Chile and Argentina and we want to show more of the audiences from those parts of the world. We already filmed some footage there for the 'Flight 666' movie, but only one song per country was used. We will now have a chance to show much more of the crowds in Chile and Argentina.

"Wherever we go, we are always asked what the best audiences in the world are, and we always say that it is South America — Chile, Argentina and Sao Paulo, Brazil. Now we can show it."

When asked if the setlist for the Buenos Aires and Santiago concerts will be the same as the one the band has been playing on the current "Final Frontier World Tour", Harris said, "The setlist that we are playing is basically the same we have been playing on this tour, what you have been able to see on Internet. The sets that we will do in Chile and Argentina will be the same, but for these two special shows that will be recorded, we have prepared more songs and a bigger production. So what you will see in Chile will be a long and big show."


According to rumors the concerts were shot by 10 or 12 cameras and the production is done by Scot Mc Fadyen and Sam Dunn who made the documentary 'Flight 666'. Unfortunately there is still no official info by the band about this .



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