This morning we woke up with a message that our Facebook page has been removed.

Without warning, without any explanation, our page no longer exists.


Almost 13 years and over 6.5k followers...

The only message we see is that our page does NOT violate Facebook Community Standards and at the same time it is blocked for Violation of Facebook Community Standards!. (WHAT?!)


We have submitted an objection and are currently awaiting the decision.

To be honest, we don't have high expectations, and if our page is closed for good, we most likely won't create a new one.

For all 15 years as a fan club, we have been honest and followed the rules We did everything for the sake of our favorite band. The Facebook page was just a way for us to be closer to each other. And apparently this violates Facebook's community standards.

Fortunately, months ago we resurrected our forum and along with the website will remain the places where we will be active.

If any of you had experienced a similar situation, write to us in the forum or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be grateful!