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EMI Music are proud to announce the release of Iron Maiden founder Steve Harris' debut solo/side project album. Entitled 'British Lion' and comprising ten songs that Steve and his collaborators have been working on for the past few years between Iron Maiden tours and releases, it is an album that will surprise and delight music fans the world over.


With a decidedly heavy rock-vibe this roaring debut paints with a full palette of sounds; brooding, melancholic, righteously indignant and exuberantly heavy. With Kevin Shirley at the mixing helm – whose credits include Iron Maiden as well as Led Zeppelin, Journey and Rush among many others – this is an album to sink your teeth into.

From the growling riffage of opening salvo This Is My God to the heavy forlorn balladry of follow-up Lost Worlds which showcases Richard Taylor's soaring vocals, it's clear that 'British Lion' is an altogether different beast from Maiden.

Karma Killer, with its dirge-like muscularity, and Us Against The World, with its massive chorus, demonstrates just how far 'British Lion' has flexed Steve Harris' considerable musical muscle. Dovetailed with guitarist David Hawkins' positively gargantuan lyrical guitar melodies, it's a mere hors d'oeuvre ahead of the epic, riffing-feast of The Chosen Ones, with its swaggering bravado.

A World Without Heaven, at a breathtaking seven minutes and infused with progressive elements without ever teetering into self-indulgence illustrates perfectly these songsmiths' colossal abilities to create a mood and stay there. Supercharged by Steve Harris' inimitable style, there's an un-cynical vibe here that's as refreshing as it is out of place in today's all-too-categorised music industry.

And as far as the name 'British Lion'; "I've always been proud to be British," explains Steve, "I don't see any reason why I shouldn't be. It's a massive part of being me. It's not like I'm flag-waving or trying to preach, this is not a political statement at all. It's like supporting your football team, where you come from. I just think it lends itself to some really strong imagery too, and to me it fits in with the sound."

With Iron Maiden, Steve Harris has become one of the most recognised and successful ambassadors for British music on the world stage. Having released 15 studio albums, sold over 85 million records worldwide and played more than two thousand gigs in 58 countries in the band's thirty-five year career, his appeal is truly global.

And now with 'British Lion', Steve steps out from Iron Maiden's illustrious shadow to present a different side of his musical visions.

The tracklisting for 'British Lion' is as follows:

1.This Is My God
2.Lost Worlds
3.Karma Killer
4.Us Against The World
5.The Chosen Ones
6.A World Without Heaven
8.Eyes Of The Young
9.These Are The Hands
10.The Lesson


The MAIDEN ENGLAND TOUR 2012 has begun from Charlotte USA. After a lots of discussions and doubts the MAIDEN fans can now know the setlist from the show.

And Here it is:

Can I Play With Madness
The Prisoner
2 Minutes to Midnight
Afraid to Shoot Strangers
The Trooper
The Number Of The Beast
Phantom Of The Opera
Run to the Hills
Wasted Years
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
The Clairavoyant
Fear of the Dark
Iron Maiden
Aces High
The Evil That Men DO
Running Free

As MAIDEN announced earlier the MAIDEN ENGLAND TOUR will took us back to the years of Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son album and the stage set will refer to that. Stay tuned for further details.


Iron Maiden's landmark Heavy Metal album of the Eighties The Number of the Beast has been voted the best British album of the past sixty years in a major survey of fans and the wider British public. The Number of the Beast tops the album poll with a 9.2% share of the HMV,s total albums vote -- a potent reminder of the passion and loyalty of their fanbase and of Rock and Metal fans in particular.

This landmark recording, which, to date, has sold over 14m copies worldwide and features the anthemic UK top-10 single Run To The Hills, is significant not only for giving the band their first UK no.1 album, but for the debut of their lead vocalist Bruce Dickinson


30 years ago a band and their album changed the course of heavy music and turned it into what we know so far. On March 29, 1982 was released IRON MAIDEN's great album "The Number Of the Beast" . To this day it is still one of the best in their discography and a favorite to many fans. Many musicians admit that they have started with music because of this album. Others admit that the record was as a example for how a great album should sound.

The ideal date to tribute this immortal album is on April 21 announced for official Maiden Day 3 years ago with the release of FLIGHT 666. Let's meet in the Metal pub "Hrubesch" after 7 PM and finish the party after 10 PM in metal bar The Black Lodge, where we will hear the entire "The Number Of The Beast" album, and the video background will be Beast over Hammersmith.

If you cant join us feel free to tribute the album wherever you are and however you can!


It shows the band performing Blood Brothers, and you can see it below.

The video is taken form En Vivo!, which is to be released on Blu-Ray and DVD by EMI on March 26.

It was filmed on April 10, 2011 at the Estadio Nacional in Santiago on the Around The World in 66 Days leg of The Final Frontier tour.
Fan-club "Iron Maiden Bulgaria", metal bar "The Black Lodge" and "Animato Music" / EMI are pleased to invite you to the "En Vivo" release party!

The event is on March 29 (Thursday). And attendees will be able to watch the concert in the bar, to win some CD's and DVD's provided by "Animato Music / EMI", or buy the album on special price. The party starts at 9 PM , entrance free.


Fan-club "Iron Maiden Bulgaria", metal bar "The Black Lodge" and "Animato Music" / EMI are pleased to invite you to the release party, dedicated to the new IRON MAIDEN live DVD and live album - "En Vivo"!

The event is on March 29 (Thursday). And attendees will be able to watch the concert in the bar, to win some CD's and DVD's provided by "Animato Music / EMI", or buy the album on special price. The party starts at 9 PM , entrance free.

"EN VIVO!" was filmed on 10th April 2011 in front of over 50,000 ecstatic fans at the Estadio Nacional, Santiago during the Round The World In 66 Days leg of The Final Frontier World Tour, and captures a magnificent performance by the band, ardently embraced by the legendary Latino passion and energy of their Chilean fans. With spectacular stage backdrops, dynamic musicianship and a literally jaw-dropping appearance by Eddie, this live show encapsulates to perfection the heart and soul of Iron Maiden 2011.

In addition to the Blu-Ray, the 2DVD will initially be available as a Limited Edition double DVD in Collectors Steel book case and Double Vinyl Picture Disc. As well as a traditional 2CD Soundtrack album, EN VIVO! will also be available as a Digital Download, CD soundtrack album and Digital Download Video.


Following the massively successful Final Frontier World Tour 2010-11, IRON MAIDEN are back on the road this summer with a series of Arena, Amphitheatre and Festival shows in the U.S.A. and Canada, opening in Charlotte, NC, U.S.A. on June 21, and finishing in Houston, TX, on Aug 18 (dates listed below), to be followed by further dates around the World in 2013. The MAIDEN ENGLAND WORLD TOUR will closely mirror, in terms of production and content, the original 1988 concert video of the same name, shot on the "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son Tour". This opening section of the World Tour is the band's most extensive visit to North America for many years and includes a number of cities the band have not played in a very long time, such as Charlotte, Atlanta, Buffalo, Indianapolis and Salt Lake City.

In most venues, tickets will go on sale on March 2 and 3 but watch this site or check local venue information for fuller details. Fan Club members should check out for exclusive first day ticket presales and contest to be 'First To The Barrier'.

MAIDEN ENGLAND marks the third chapter in the History of Iron Maiden, a journey which began in 2004 with The Early Days DVD and subsequent 2005 Early Days Tour. Part Two followed in 2008 with the Live After Death DVD - the seminal 1984 concert recorded at Long Beach Arena (L.A) during the World Slavery Tour - and the band embarking on their groundbreaking Somewhere Back In Time World Tour 2008/9, which saw them play to over two million fans in almost 40 countries.

Expect more information soon..


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Today IRON MAIDEN BULGARIA is starting a new campaign. We will try to collect as many photos of Maiden tattoos as possible. So Maiden fans show us your tattoos by sending your pictures to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with your name and location.
All tattoos will be published in our new gallery created especially for this.


On February 23 (Thursday) in metal bar The Black Lodge there will be an evening dedicated to the side projects and bads of former and current musicians IRON MAIDEN members. You can hear bands like PSYCHO MOTEL, ASAP, BRUCE DICKINSON, PRAYNG MANTIS, BLAZE, KILLERS, BATTLEZONE, DIANNO, SAMSON, TRUST, LIONHEART, PRIMAL ROCK REBELLION and others.

So lets make it clear: You won't hear any IRON MAIDEN tracks. As usual some of you will have the chance to win really interesting things. Start 21.00h. Entrance - Free!


PRIMAL ROCK REBELLION release their debut single, 'No Place Like Home', via Spinefarm Records on Monday 6th February 2012. The single will be released as a Limited Edition 10" coloured vinyl and digital download.

The video accompanying the song has been co-directed by Mikee Goodman and Meats Meier, a renowned CGI artist based in Los Angeles who provided the illustrations for both the single and album artwork.


nplh_250 PRR_AB

The album, 'Awoken Broken', features 'No Place Like Home' along with 11 other tracks, and has been co-produced by Adrian & Mikee; it is set for release on February 27th.
'Awoken Broken' was heralded with a free download track, 'I See Lights', which can be found on

IRON MAIDEN released a trailer for ther upcoming DVD - EN VIVO.  The great show will be available in Blu-Ray, 2DVD Set and Double Soundtrack Album and will be released on  Monday March 26th (March 27th Canada and USA (via UMe)).


EMI are proud to announce the release of a new live IRON MAIDEN Blu-Ray, 2DVD Set and Double Soundtrack Album on Monday March 26th (March 27th Canada and USA (via UMe)).

"EN VIVO!" was filmed on 10th April 2011 in front of over 50,000 ecstatic fans at the Estadio Nacional, Santiago during the Round The World In 66 Days leg of The Final Frontier World Tour, and captures a magnificent performance by the band, ardently embraced by the legendary Latino passion and energy of their Chilean fans. With spectacular stage backdrops, dynamic musicianship and a literally jaw-dropping appearance by Eddie, this live show encapsulates to perfection the heart and soul of Iron Maiden 2011.


Bass player and founder member Steve Harris comments "For The Final Frontier Tour it was really important to me that we filmed in South America as we're always so overwhelmed by the fans' reaction when we go to that part of the world and I wanted to reflect that in the filming. After much consideration we chose the Santiago show as we felt it was one of our best performances of the entire Tour and to play at the prestigious Estadio Nacional was a landmark moment for us. For reasons known to our fans, it took a long time before we got to play our first show in Chile, and once we did get to play a show, the response was so phenomenal we just had to keep coming back and it's got better and better each time!

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IRON MAIDEN TRIBUTE concerts will be performed on 20 and 28 January - Accordingly, in Varna and Sofia
by the band POWERSLAVE, which is especially formed for the occasion. By well known musicians from: SYMBOLIC (Varna); CASPER (Varna); A-MORAL (Varna).
POWERSLAVE perform over 20 of the most favorite IRON MAIDEN songs.
The first tribute in Varna last November, was attended by over 250 people. Here is complete information for the coming concerts:

01.20.2012 (Friday) - VARNA
"Three Lions Pub" - Slaveikov (Near Train Station)
Start: 21:30
Entrance: 4 BGN

28.01.2012 (Saturday) - SOFIA
"Rock Bar Fans" - Vasil Levski Blvd 114
Start: 22:00
Entrance: 7 BGN + 50 ml. JACK DANIEL 'S


Iron Maiden guitarist Adrian Smith and former SikTh front-man Mikee Goodman have joined forces for a brand new studio project called Primal Rock Rebellion.

The forthcoming album fuses together two very different approaches to music - Mikee's unique vocal tones and dark, yet colourful lyrics, and Adrian's instantly recognisable guitar melodies and song writing prowess. Adrian also plays bass throughout the album! All songs were co-written by Adrian and Mikee as individual pieces of work and recorded in creative windows of opportunity.

Adrian comments "It was interesting doing this album with Mikee not least because we have quite different influences. I was really pleased with the way it turned out. It has a really fresh feel to it."

Mikee explains "This album takes you on a really deep and colourful journey, lyrically and musically. Adrian and I were both very open to experimenting with each others' musical styles and influences, which we feel created something new and exciting."

Session musicians who also contributed to this forthcoming album include Abi Fry of Bat For Lashes, plus original SikTh member Dan 'Lord' Foord on drums, amongst others. The resulting album, is due for simultaneous worldwide release on Spinefarm Records on 27th February 2012.


To hear the track I SEE LIGHTS from the forthcoming album, just hit the player below. Further announcements will be made soon.

I See Lights by PrimalRockRebellion

The actor Barry Clayton – whose deep bass voice was behind movie trailers and the introduction to the IRON MAIDEN song, 'The Number Of The Beast' – has died at the age of 80.

An Islington resident for 40 years, Clayton was also a pioneer of black television and radio programming. He produced the Black Londoners radio programme for the BBC – the first black daily radio programme – from its first airing in 1974 until 1988 when he left to join Capital Radio.


According to the official BLAZE BAYLEY Facebook page. The Ex singer of MAIDEN will play in Sofia on 22 March at the RBF Club. Till now there is no official confirmation from Bulgarian promoter but we will inform you for further details as soon as possible.


Following the news earlier this week that Astraeus Airlines has sadly now ceased operations, IRON MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson has disclosed he is currently working on a number of new aviation-related projects, some of which may involve his former Astraeus colleagues. One of his new ventures, which you will already be familiar with, is the upcoming Bruce Air Flight 666 Experience in the Boeing 737 Simulator.

Bruce's commitment to his aviation career remains as passionate as ever, and he wanted to reassure all MAIDEN fans that this includes the continuation of the Bruce Air fan club trips and more touring with Ed Force One at some point in the future.


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Former IRON MAIDEN singer Paul Di'Anno has posted five demo tracks — "Can You Hear Me Now?", "Psycho Sniper", "Only Fools Die Laughing", "Black Boots" and a "reworking" of the IRON MAIDEN classic "Running Free" — which may appear on his "soon-to-be-recorded" new album. Check them out in the YouTube clips below.


"Running Free" "reworking" (IRON MAIDEN):


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The official IRON MAIDEN photographer John McMurtrie will guest on the "Xfm Rock Show With Ian Camfield" this Saturday night, October 22 between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. U.K. time. For more information, go to this location.

The photographic documentary compiled by McMurtrie entitled "On Board Flight 666" was published in the U.K. on October 20 via Orion Books.


Video footage of John McMurtrie talking about the "On Board Flight 666" can be seen below.

If you want to win an exclusive print signed by John McMurtrie? Check out the On Board Flight 666 competition on the official band website!