This first leg of Iron Maiden's 'SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME' World Tour will open in Mumbai India on Feb 1st, and continue through Australia, Japan, Los Angeles and Mexico, followed by the band's first ever concerts in Costa Rica and Columbia, and then on to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Puerto Rica and New York, before finishing in Toronto, Canada, on March 16th. Over the 45 day period it is anticipated that Maiden will play to well over 400,000 fans in 21 cities in 10 countries, flying close to 50,000 miles in the specially refitted plane (full schedule below).

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Arrrrrghh Finally!! More than year of hard work and the site is open. I sure hope you will enjoy it.

First I want to say one big THANK YOU GUYS!! To all the boys and girls who helped me for translating and finding most of the materials, pictures and stuff witch are included in the site. I wouldn’t do it. Without them (well I might, but maybe in 2070:P ). So thank you! I won’t forget it. Let’s start with little explanation: This is an unofficial site with no connection to Iron Maiden. Most of the materials and information are taken from the Iron Maiden Official site, The Iron Maiden Commentary and other sites like Encyclopaedia Metallium Wikipedia and other Iron Maiden Fan-sites. Off course there is a lot to say and read for that GREAT, LEGENDARY AND IMMORTAL BAND so there are tons of materials, interviews and stuff that I hope you will find soon here As you see a lot of the sections of the site are still under construction But we are working hard to upload all the material as soon as possible. So Expect a lot of new material with the new updates. We are planning to make 1-2 updates every week.

This is Bulgarian Website, therefore the materials have to be translated and to be uploaded together with the English ones. If you think that you can help I will be very grateful and those who help will be included in the VIP group in the forum. And this will be the way to build strong BULGARIAN IRON MAIDEN COMMUNITY.

So if think that you can help or you have some ideas, suggestions or just something to share about Maiden, drop us a line

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IRON MAIDEN announce their most ambitious and extraordinary touring plans ever -- and are very pleased to announce that this will include Australia for the first time in 15 years!
The 'SOMEWHERE BACK IN TIME' World Tour 2008 will be in three sections, starting in February and March 2008 with the first leg encompassing major concerts in 20 selected cities on five continents in seven weeks including India, Japan, North America, Central and South America, and, of course, Australia, opening in Perth on Feb 4 and continuing through Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

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