TeamRock Radio is to broadcast 52 rock shows hosted by Bruce Dickinson which originally aired on BBC Radio 6 Music.

Starting this weekend, the Bruce Dickinson Rock Show will be broadcast at 6am on Saturdays and Sundays, while all 52 episodes will eventually be available on demand at

The first six episodes will be available on demand from this Saturday (December 6).

TeamRock has reached an agreement with the BBC to re-broadcast the shows, hosted by the Iron Maiden frontman for eight years up until 2010. It featured interviews with iconic rock artists as well as some of the best classic rock music.

TeamRock's head of radio, Moose, says: "Bruce Dickinson is an icon within the rock community and these programmes will be much sought after by our listeners. They will add to the enormous breadth of output we have at TeamRock Radio and what's more, they can hear them on demand. What a great gift for rock fans the world over."

John Myers, chairman of TeamRock, adds: "I am delighted that we have come to a deal where these programmes can he heard once again on the air and also on, the home of rock music worldwide." also owns a portfolio of rock magazines, including Classic Rock, Metal Hammer, Blues, Prog and AOR and has just launched a new membership model, TeamRock+. You can tune into TeamRock Radio via DAB, online at and on the TuneIn app.

Bruce Dickinson by HenriKack-750x470

According to Manchester Evening News, British heavy metal legends IRON MAIDEN will start selling their Trooper beer in a 500ml "Tall Boy" can in the U.S. next month.

MAIDEN singer Bruce Dickinson, who designed and developed the ale with Martyn Weeks, the chief brewer at Robinsons, said cans have advantages over bottles.

"Firstly, cans are easier to recycle, require less packaging, get colder quicker and take up less space in your fridge," he said.

"Secondly, cans don't break or smash, meaning they can be taken to venues, sporting events, campgrounds, beaches, and music festivals, where glass is not typically allowed.

"Thirdly, aluminium cans are excellent protection against light and oxygen - beer's biggest enemies, so your drink tastes fresher longer.

"Done right, they're great for our beer."

300,000 Trooper cans will be made available in the U.S. beer market from January 2015.

Until now there is no information if the cans will be also available for the EU market




Before we know it's been 7 years since we are online and our fan club is active!

We are now a bigger and stronger family and we are proud with everything we had done together so far. There are even better things coming soon on which we are fully concentrated. This is the reason why we are not "active" like before. But we can assure you that the waiting will be worth it!

Ofcourse we decided to celebrate our birthday on 7th of November.
Why 7th you will ask?... Because you Maiden fans know that 7 is a special number and on top of that its our 7th anniversary.

So come to the Black Lodge Bar on 7.11.2014 after 21:00 h. The party will be great. The drinks will be cold and the music will be loud.


Parlophone Records (BMG/INgrooves Music Group for the USA) will follow the 2012/13 IRON MAIDEN vinyl picture disc reissues of the first eight Iron Maiden albums, which spanned the 1980s, with brand new pressings of the albums in heavyweight 180g black vinyl.


In conjunction with these premium album releases, a strictly limited one-off run of the 7" singles from each respective album will be made available. These highly collectable black vinyl singles will be cut from the original analogue master tapes. Released in replica artwork packaging, they are sure to become a must-have item for fans, collectors and anyone who missed out first time round.

The albums will also be cut from the original analogue master tapes and packaged in identical artwork to the initial 1980's releases. As a bonus, the first batch of album releases (Iron Maiden/Killers/The Number Of The Beast) will also be made available in a Collector's Box sized to house all 8 albums. This package will be a strictly limited edition and available while stocks last.


The records will be released chronologically across a two month period starting October 13th (14th USA) with the first 3 albums (Iron Maiden/Killers/The Number Of The Beast) and the seven corresponding 7" singles:

Running Free b/w Burning Ambition
Sanctuary b/w Drifter (Live) and I've Got The Fire (Live)
Women In Uniform b/w Invasion
Twilight Zone/Wrathchild double A side
Purgatory b/w Genghis Khan
Run To The Hills b/w Total Eclipse
The Number Of The Beast b/w Remember Tomorrow (Live)

Followed by:

October 27th (28th USA): Piece Of Mind, Powerslave and Live After Death and the six corresponding 7" singles:

Flight Of Icarus b/w I've Got The Fire
The Trooper b/w Cross-Eyed Mary
2 Minutes To Midnight b/w Rainbow's Gold
Aces High b/w King Of Twilight
Running Free (Live) b/w Sanctuary (Live)
Run To The Hills (Live) b/w Phantom Of The Opera (Live)

November 24th (25th USA): Somewhere In Time and Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son and the six corresponding 7" singles:

Wasted Years b/w Reach Out
Stranger In A Strange Land b/w That Girl
Can I Play With Madness b/w Black Bart Blues
The Evil That Men Do b/w Prowler '88
The Clairvoyant b/w The Prisoner (Live)
Infinite Dreams (Live) b/w Killers (Live)

The release of these high quality, black vinyl records offers optimum choice to fans who would like to own a piece of Maiden's authentic 1980's vinyl sound, or for those simply wanting to rediscover this much loved, iconic format. Coupled with the end of the Maiden England World Tour which began in North America in 2012 and finished last month at Knebworth Park's Sonisphere Festival, this now completes Maiden's 1980's touring and catalogue reissues cycle, so the band are free to focus on their dynamic future plans.

We'll have pre-order links here soon - watch this space.


British heavy metal legends IRON MAIDEN have released a four-minute video documenting singer Bruce Dickinson's dogfight re-enactment above the U.K. edition of the Sonisphere festival on July 5 at Knebworth Park in Hertfordshire. The spectacular 12-minute air display commemorated the 100th anniversary of The Great War; a 21st-Century tribute to the daring — and often downright dangerous — exploits of both the English and German pilots who ruled Europe's skies between 1914 and 1918. The show featured nine aircraft of five different types, all exact replicas of the planes used in WW1 combat. Bruce flew his very own Fokker Dr1 Triplane, the same model used by infamous German flying ace Manfred von Richthofen, a.k.a. The Red Baron. Also from the German side there was a Junkers CL1. Of the British planes in the show, there was a Sopwith Triplane, a BE2c and a SE5a. The other members of this elite team alongside Bruce were Alex Truman, Dan Griffith, Dave Linney, Ernie Hoblyn, Gordon Brander, Matthew Boddington, Peter Bond, Richard Piper, Vic Lockwood and Will Greenwood.

brucedickinsonsonispheredogfight 638

The Great War Display Team performs re-enactments throughout the U.K. and rest of Europe and is proudly sponsored by IRON MAIDEN's very own Trooper beer.

There is less than a week remaining until the trip to Belgrade for IRON MAIDEN's gig

The bus will depart from the parking area in front of the National stadium "Vassil Levski" in 07:30 AM. Please don't be late! Bellow you can find a map of the area and the coordinates are: 42.688458, 23.334165


We want to remind you to bring your passports and concert tickets.

IMPORTANT!!!. Make sure that you have the necessary documents to enter Republic of Serbia.

If document problems with someone occur, the bus will continue without the passengers that are not allowed to pass the border. On the way back they will be returned to Sofia.

We know that some of you may be travelling with loads of luggage. The bus is suppose to park somewhere near the concert area and you can leave your luggage at the bus. The Bus will remain parked and locked during the entire concert. After the show you can pick it up before it departures for Sofia.

The bus will depart from Kalemegdan- Belgrade one hour after the end of the concert. So again don't be late.

If you have any questions or you require more information about the trip. Don't hesitate to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


IRON MAIDEN have announced that they will donate part of the revenue from their June 17 concert date in Belgrade, Serebia to the country's flood relief.

Due to torrential rain in mid-May, Serbia and Bosnia were hit with the worst floods and landslides in more than a century, forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands and destroying thousands of buildings and homes.

IRON MAIDEN bassist Steve Harris believes Serbia "will come out stronger after the disaster of the recent floods," reports local radio b92. He wished all those who have suffered from the disaster a return to normal life as soon as possible.

MAIDEN will perform in Belgrade as part of their Maiden England tour. The band started the final European leg this week in Barcelona, Spain; shows will wrap up with a headline performance at the UK Sonisphere Festival in July as part of the 40th Anniversary celebrations at Knebworth Park.

By the end of the tour, IRON MAIDEN will have played 102 shows in 32 countries to well over two million fans since starting in the USA in June 2012.

The Sofia date is 16 June.


Source: Tangra Mega Rock

NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Association) has released the details of an IRON MAIDEN retro-cloth figure, to arrive in stores this September for around $30.

The Mummy Eddy was created in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the classic metal masterpiece — IRON MAIDEN's "Powerslave". This eight-inch tall Eddie features a real metal chain that can be connected to the mouth or unhooked for when he breaks free. Mummy Eddie is also going to be coming with an alternate, unwrapped head sculpt that really shows the true beast hiding underneath the bandages.



The Swedish heavy metal band GHOST will be the support act for IRON MAIDEN's concert in Sofia. The band was formed in 2008 and gained popularity with their debut full-length album Opus Eponymous, which went on to be nominated for a Grammis award (the Swedish alternative to the Grammys) in 2011 in the "Best Hard Rock" album category. Their second and much anticipated album Infestissumam was released in 2013 with a major label backing (Universal Music group), debuted at number one in Sweden, and won the Grammis Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Album in 2013.

GHOST are easily recognizable because of their eccentric on-stage presence. Five of the group's six members wear hooded robes and the vocalist appears wearing skull make-up and dressed as a Roman-Catholic pope. The band's members keep their identities secret and their names have not been publicly disclosed; the vocalist calls himself Papa Emeritus II and the musicians are only referred to as Nameless Ghouls.


Here is how the band describes itself:

As the tides change and the flames mount, Papa Emeritus II and the Group of Nameless Ghouls reflect upon man's fall and the Antichrist's rise.

In the year of 13, the second phase of papa Emeritus II and the Group of Nameless Ghouls begins with the release of the sophomore psalm Infestissumam. Papa Emeritus II succeeded Papa Emeritus at the conclusion of phase one in the year of 12, and the Nameless Ghouls joined him under the unholy church's current moniker Ghost B.C. – the "B.C." is silent when spoken aloud, please remember that. Their rituals demand reverence and praise, fortified through a delivery of sweetly satanic melodies, snaking distorted riffs, and vaudevillian keyboards.

The world's introduction to the troupe, the year of 10's Opus Eponymous, closed with "Genesis", a foretelling of the Antichrist's coming. He is here now on Infestissumam and shall be treated accordingly.

Infestissumam – Latin for "The greatest threat" – refers to the Antichrist as being the biggest danger to the Christian world, and ironically a choir conducted by Papa Emeritus II heralds His onset.

Speaking of life, Papa Emeritus II and the Group of Nameless Ghouls invite all to witness their rituals on stage. The front row remains continually comprised of females willing to do anything for Papa Emeritus II as a dramaturgical exposition of the Antichrist's ascent unfolds on stage. Rituals have taken place in front of sold out audiences across the world and at festivals such as Download, Orion Music + More, Coachella, and more. The congregation has grown to include such high-profile members as James Hetfield of Metallica, Phillip Anselmo of Down and Pantera, Fenriz of Darkthrone who has the honor of being the first public supporter, and Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters and Nirvana, who participated in the recorded ritual on a cover of ABBA's "I'm a Marionette".

The age of Infestissumam is formally underway. Allow Papa Emeritus II and the Group of Nameless Ghouls to open your mind or simply play witness. Either way, you're under their spell now.

Of course, the big stars of the night on June 16th will be IRON MAIDEN. Sofia is one of the last stops on their super successful MAIDEN ENGLAND WORLD TOUR. It started with 34 dates in the USA and Canada in June 2012, moved on to Europe and Latin America in 2013, and in summer of 2014 the sextet is returning on European soil.

IRON MAIDEN's fans should prepare for an mindblowing show in Sofia. "Arena Armeets Sofia" hall will be blown to bits by the British metal legends who promise that this will be a truly spectacular evening, indeed. Except for some set list changes, the concert will feature an incomparable light show, including pyrotechnics, and a unique new look for the band's mascot – EDDIE the Head.

When the tour ends on 5th July at the Sonisphere Festival at Knebworth, UK, IRON MAIDEN's show will be watched by over 2 million exalted fans all over the world. This would be just another proof that the band does not have plans to slow down or to lose the passion, which is the reason why it continues to be at the top of metal music for more than three decades.

Tickets for IRON MAIDEN's show are available at prices from 60 to 140 leva and can be purchased from all Ticketpro outlets in the country and online at

Steve Harris will be taking his solo/side project British Lion back out on the road briefly this year with a 10 date European tour starting on July 8th in Norwich and rounding off with an open-air show at the annual International Motorcycle Convention at the Moto Clube De Faro, Portugal on Saturday July 19th (full list of dates below).

THU 10
SAT 12
SUN 13
MON 14  
TUE 15
THU 17
FRI 18
SAT 19
Norwich Waterfront
Brighton Concorde 2
Folkestone Quarterhouse
Uden De Pul
Zaal Jagersborg Maasmechele
Paris Divan Du Monde
Toulouse Metronum
Madrid Shoko
Seville Custom
Faro Moto Clube Festival
On Sale Monday
On Sale Monday
On Sale Monday
On Sale Monday
On Sale Monday
On Sale Monday
On Sale Monday
On Sale Monday
On Sale Monday
Tickets available on the day


Tickets go on sale Monday April 7th at 10.00 am (11am local time ex-UK).


Fan club Iron Maiden Bulgaria and Metal bar "The Black Lodge" are organizing a trip for IRON MAIDEN's concert in Belgrade – Serbia on June 17th.

We from Fan Club IIRON MAIDEN BULGARIA are sure that there are people who want to join us in Belgrade after the gig in Sofia

Here are the details:

  • The price of the trip is 33 euro for two way ticket. (The Price for one way ticket is the same)
  • The bus will depart from the parking in front of the national stadium Vasil Levski in the morning on June 17th. The Hour of departure will be announced 2 weeks before the trip.
  • The bus will depart from Belgrade to Sofia exactly 1 hour after the end of the show

What you need is:

  • Ticket for the show in Belgrade - You can get them from
  • Valid documents for entering Republic of Serbia!
    This is the most important thing. And it's up to you to check and prepare the documents required for your nationality to enter Serbia.

Please Note!: If problem with your documents occur. We will be forced to leave you on the border and continue the trip without you. Later we can pick you on our way back.

We cannot take passengers under the age of 18 with us!

Your bus ticket will be in the form of laminated badge with lanyard and you will get it on the day before you enter the bus.

The payment for the bus ticket can be done only via paypal

For booking a ticket, more information and questions you can contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Maiden will play at Kalemegdan Park in Belgrade on Tuesday 17th June. This stunning location, which is part of Belgrade Fortress will be their first open-air show in Serbia since 1981! Ghost will be supporting.

Tickets go on sale Wednesday 26th February at 10am CET from

An exclusive first ticket pre-sale for Iron Maiden Fan Club members will run on Tuesday Feb 25th.

The Bulgarian fan club will be organizing a trip from Sofia to Belgrade and back. More details will be announced soon.


Sofia is one of the stops marking the end of the super successful Maiden England World Tour in 2014!

The MAIDEN ENGLAND tour continues into 2014 with the band making a welcome return to Bulgaria on June 16th for a show at the Arena Armeets in Sofia. Tickets go on sale Friday Feb 14th from ( exclusive first ticket pre-sale for Iron Maiden Fan Club members will run on Wednesday February 12th. Fan club members will also be eligible in the draw to be 'First To The Barrier'.

IronMaiden poster sofia small

Lead singer Bruce Dickinson comments,

" We always love playing shows in Bulgaria so we are very excited to bring the Maiden England to Sofia! We haven't played here since 2007 and we can't wait to see all our amazing fans again! Although the Maiden England tour is largely based on the 1988 Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son Tour, for the 2014 shows we are changing the set list around a bit to cover the whole of the 1980's more as this may be the last time we play some of these songs live. Of course we'll be bringing the huge lightshow, stage set, various incarnations of Eddie, plenty of pyro and all kinds of other exciting stuff for the fans, and as this is the final leg of the tour it will be even more of a celebration as it's the end of a chapter and we plan to give our fans a show they will never, ever forget!"

Iron Maiden's manager Rod Smallwood explains further,

"As all our fans know, the DVD of Maiden England is Part 3 in the History Trilogy of the 1980s video/DVD releases so this is likely to be the last time we will tour with a set list based on the '80s, and therefore the last time fans will EVER hear some of these songs played live. With this in mind, for the 2014 dates we plan to change the set list around a little, to make it more equally representative of the whole of the '80s period covered by those three DVDs – Early Days, Live After Death and of course Maiden England, along with one notable exception from the 90's, the fans will know which song I'm talking about! "

The 2014 dates mark the final leg of the MAIDEN ENGLAND world tour which began in the USA in June 2012 and continued into Europe and Latin America, including Rock In Rio, Brazil which sold out 90,000 tickets within hours of the announcement of Maiden's headline show there on the final night of the Festival. The 2013 dates ended in Chile at the Estadio Nacional, Santiago playing to 60,105 fans: "the largest audience by a British band ever" as reported by national newspaper La Tercera. 2013 also saw a return to play to 95,000 fans at UK's Donington Park on the 25th Anniversary of the band's first headline performance at the legendary home of rock in 1988 during the Seventh Son World Tour. This was a record FIFTH time that the band topped the bill at Donington.

When the MAIDEN ENGLAND Tour ends on July 5, at Sonisphere, Knebworth in England, the show will have been seen by well over two million fans across the globe, proving once again the band show no signs of slowing down or losing the formidable passion that has seen them triumphant at the forefront of Metal for over three decades.


Iron Maiden will headline one of the nights of the Greenfield Festival taking place at Interlaken, Switzerland between Thursday June 12th – Saturday June 14th. It will be the band's first visit to the Greenfield Festival which is celebrating its 10th Anniversary this year.

Tickets go on-sale December 4th, 2013.

For further information and details on how to buy tickets click here


Iron Maiden will make their first ever appearance at HellFest in Western France headlining on Friday June 20th the opening night of this 3 day festival. Aerosmith will headline on Saturday, and Black Sabbath on Sunday.

Tickets go onsale at 9am CET on Wednesday December 4th.

For further information and details on how to buy tickets click here


IRON MAIDEN will return to Europe in Summer 2014 starting in late May with a short run of major festivals and a few select arena shows to round off their Maiden England World Tour which ends with a headline performance at the UK Sonisphere Festival in July as part of the 40th Anniversary celebrations at Knebworth Park. By the end of the tour the band will have played 102 shows in 32 countries to well over two million fans since starting in the USA in June 2012.

For details on tickets and to read the full Sonisphere press release click here.

The 2014 Tour will include dates in countries not visited during the 2013 leg and will be a much shorter run than is usual for a Maiden tour. Manager Rod Smallwood explains,

"The Maiden England 2013 Tour was incredibly well received everywhere and there is much demand from fans to see more and for the band to visit some places in Europe we couldn't make it to this year so we thought we should play a few more shows. However this will be a relatively short tour in Maiden terms, starting towards the end of May and finishing at Sonisphere, Knebworth in early July. During 2014 we have something new we need to start thinking about, and on which we will be wholly and firmly focused going into 2015 and beyond!

As all our fans know, Maiden England is Part 3 in the History Trilogy of the 1980s video/DVD releases so this is likely to be the last time we will tour with a set list based on the '80s, and therefore the last time fans will EVER hear some of these songs played live. With this in mind, for the 2014 dates we plan to change the set list around a little, to make it more equally representative of the whole of the '80s period covered by those three DVDs – Early Days, Live After Death and of course Maiden England, along with one notable exception from the 90's, the fans will know which song I'm talking about!

So for now, take care and look after yourselves and we'll see you all next summer "

poster 2014

Maiden will be headlining one of the nights at the massive Rock Am Ring and Rock Im Park Festivals in Germany between Thursday June 5 and Monday June 9. The other headliners are Metallica, Kings of Leon and Linkin Park. Tickets go on sale Wednesday November 27th.


For ticketing and other details click here.

There will be more information and further announcements very soon... watch this space... that's all we can say for now!

It 's been six years since we were together and we are one big family. We all know that those six years are not wasted and we hope to celebrate 666 more. Thanks to all of you (the fans) this fan club is the first official fan club in Bulgaria and continues to exist and evolve . On 26 October, we will celebrate our sixth anniversary. Traditionally , this will happen in the metal bar "The Black Lodge". All fans of the band and friends of the club are welcome for a beer, meet with friends, and a dose of your favorite bands songs . Unlike any other birthdays, this time the "birthday boy" will give away a lot of gifts to the fans! The start of the event is 21:00, and entrance is free!



IRON MAIDEN frontman Bruce Dickinson recently spoke to Argentina's Vorterix about the band's plans to record a new studio album, the touring life, his singing technique and his many outside projects, among other topics. A few excerpts from the chat follow below. (Thanks to for helping transcribe some parts of the interview.)


On when IRON MAIDEN plans to release a new studio album:

Dickinson: "Well, I mean, we are going to do another album. When we do it, I can't tell you."

On whether any new material has already been written for the next IRON MAIDEN CD:

Dickinson: "Actually I've written a load of stuff. You know, we're all writing little bits and bobs all the time. We'll see what happens, you know. But yeah, sure."

On whether IRON MAIDEN plans to revisit its '90s material on its future tours:

Dickinson: "We haven't got that far yet. Let's finish this one ['Maiden England'] first and see what happens next year. But yeah, I do not think MAIDEN fans are going to be too disappointed for too long."

On how IRON MAIDEN has managed to avoid the excesses that came along with being a huge '80s rock band:

Dickinson: "It's just kind of what we're like, really. I mean, I'm not saying that nobody in the band has ever tried or mucked around with smoking dope when they we're younger. Most kids have probably tried smoking dope. Most kids have probably tried a few other things that I've never tried.

"The reason why we started MAIDEN, the reason why we all became musicians, was because we wanted to be musicians, not to become druggies. We like a beer and beer is our favorite kind of stuff. We drink beer and we drink a little wine and too much coffee. That's it, really. Apart from that, we're just trying to have some fun."

On how has he kept his voice strong through all these years of intense performances:

Dickinson: "I suppose over the years, you could call it a kind of training, but it wasn't like going to school; it wasn't formal. I mean, I didn't have a singing teacher, like a trainer, or anything else like that. But I learned from other people. But one thing I did do was studied — just on my own, just looking at books and things — the mechanics of how the voice works. I'm not like a doctor or anything else like that, but I just read about it. It's kind of like a guitarist. You want to know about your instrument. You want to know why it sounds like it does, how to look after it. The one thing you can't do with a voice... You can put new strings on a guitar; you can't do that with a voice. Because the voice is such a subtle thing. And it does change with age, as you mature, as the spaces in your body change shape as you get older or when you're younger or whatever. So all of these things have a bearing on the voice. And it is like a wooden kind of instrument — the wood gets older and it develops tone and becomes... you know, subtle changes. But if something really goes badly wrong with it and you damage it, then you really run the risk that it's never gonna be quite the same again. I haven't had to cancel very many shows in my 35 years of singing in bands professionally, if you like. I've had to cancel a few shows — maybe 20 or something in total over 35 years. Maybe more — maybe 25 or something. So it's not that many. But that could be the difference between me still keeping my voice and not keeping my voice. I've never taken steroids that they give you for guys that have got problems with their voice. If my voice is so bad that I can't get it to sing without all that stuff, I shouldn't be singing. And if I'm sick with a cold or something, I can get through it. But if I'm really sick — with the laryngitis or something else, or bronchitis, or something really bad — I just take the doctor's advice. It's better to cancel three shows but have your voice be excellent for the next three hundred; it really is. A lot of singers allow themselves to be out under huge pressure, because they feel that if they cancel a show, they failed. And actually, you're really playing with your instrument there. You've only got one set of these, and there's no replacement, so you'd better look after them. But they're pretty strong stuff, if you do the right stuff."

On whether he studies other vocalists, and not just rock and heavy metal singers:

Dickinson: "I like other singers — I mean, not just heavy metal singers and rock singers. I like listening to people's voices. And sometimes you hear voices and you think, 'Ah, that's a really nice way that that person is using their voice,' or obviously they have a real talent with a particular piece of their vocal register.

"I've kind of got my own style now, in a way. So I'm sort of investigating what I can do with my voice. And my voice changes as well as it gets older. And I still try and do the stuff that I was doing when I was 23. But I can do stuff now that I couldn't do when I was 23. So I'm looking at ways of how can I do some different things with my voice? How can I introduce different tones? As I get older, it's quite nice, really, having that sort of stuff to be able to do with your voice; it gets fatter and a little bit deeper."

On whether there is anything he has learned on stage or from writing and performing music that he has applied to the entrepreneurial side of his life:

Dickinson: "Well, the one thing I know is that you don't get anything done without having a vision, having a sense of vision and purpose. And thinking the big picture. Thinking, 'Yeah, we're only a little band from East London today, but one day we're gonna be huge.' Now I didn't realize quite how big we were gonna get. I didn't know we were gonna be still here doing this stuff now. But I think, in an entrepreneurial sense, you have to have that same belief in yourself or whatever it is you're trying to do, and you have to be able to think way beyond where you are right now. And it might work, and it might not. But you have to have that drive. And if it fails, you have to just get up and start again."

On whether he applies his business way of thinking — "start with something interesting, follow the trail and see what happens" — to writing songs:

Dickinson: "Yeah, that's how I write songs. That's exactly how I write songs. When I start writing a song, or have an idea, I have no idea how it's gonna end up. I just think, 'That's interesting. I wonder what happens next.' And what happens next, or maybe what happens after that, might change the whole thing completely. But you just have to be open to ideas and open to... I mean, when I started writing a film script once, we were writing away and I did two years' work. And we tore it all up and started again, because we didn't have the mudget — that's 'money' and 'budget' put together — to make the kind of film that I'd been writing, because we couldn't afford to do [a] period [piece set in] the 1930s. But because we couldn't afford to do 1930s, we had to make the film now. So what that meant is we had to bring one of the characters back from the dead. And I went, 'Hey, that's a good story. That's a better story than the original story.' Now, the only reason we started with that story was because we couldn't addord to make the original one. So it's not always a brilliant idea that causes a better idea. Sometimes it's just, 'Hey, buddy, you can't afford it.' Look at all the guys that make albums or movies that are terrible — hundreds of millions of dollars spent on a film and it's bullshit. And yet somebody who has no money at all goes and makes a fantastic film for, like, no money. Why? Because they've got no money. And they have to make a great movie 'cause they've got no money. So just having resources is no guarantee that it's going to work."

On his recipe for managing so many different aspects of his life — being in a huge rock band, flying airplanes, fencing for a national team, making a film, writing books and being a businessman:

Dickinson: "Well, there isn't one. I wish that I could say it was all planned. I've always gone with the philosophy — and it's gotten me into trouble, because sometimes I try to do too many things — but I'd rather be doing too many things and having an interesting life than be super-successful and bored out of my mind. And I find that doing something new or something interesting in one area gives new life and invigorates everything else you do in your life. There's nobody more interesting to talk to than somebody that is really happy and enthusiastic and full of ideas. When somebody like that walks into a room, the room lights up. It doesn't matter how successful they are, but they are just full of positive kind of energy, and that communicates across a whole group of people, across everything. So the more people do stuff like this, the more people think, 'Yeah, I've got an idea and I'm gonna try to do something about it.' The more people think like that, the whole world gets to be a better place."

On whether music is his main passion nowadays:

Dickinson: "Oh, I've several main passions; I've got lots of main passions. I don't know whether it's beer or whether it's music, but they're related, because they both get me into trouble. I imagine I'm probably quite a passionate bloke, because I feel very passionate about a lot of things. And music, certainly, is something that still moves me. I find it amazing I'm still here. I mean, literally both physically... Because so many people I know are not here — people much younger than me who've been doing this whole music thing and died or crashed in cars or died of awful diseases and things like that. We're all still here, and we're really kicking it, and we're really getting an amazing young audience, and inspiring people, and anytime you're inspiring people, it's something that turns me on."

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BRUCE DICKINSON has shouted down an online rumour that he’s involved in a $500m deal to build killer drones for the US military.

The IRON MAIDEN frontman has been the subject of speculation after stories circulated on the internet that his aviation firm took part in the manufacture or repair of unmanned armed flying machines.

The use of drones in war zones has proved controversial, with some claiming they kill more innocent parties than people defined as legitimate targets.

The story appears to have arisen via the website of South African firm Conference Speakers. In a page now removed they named Dickinson as a client available to give corporate talks, and listed the military contract among his business achievements. That led to stories from bloggers, one of whom labelled the singer a “rock’n'roll warmonger.

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A spokesman for IRON MAIDEN tells NME:

This is a totally inaccurate and malicious piece of writing that seems to have stemmed from an unfortunate mistake in terminology on a, website that the writer of said blog has used as a starting point to go off on a flight of sheer fantasy.”

The truth, says the spokesman, is that DICKINSON and MAIDEN manager ROD SMALLWOOD have invested in the development of hybrid air vehicles (HAV) – which are not drones.

The spokesman adds: “The future implementation of HAVs is a likely global trend which has massive positive implications in many areas of life. Both Bruce and Rod are proud to be involved with a British company at the cutting edge of this technology.

Rather than being involved in attacks in the Third World, HAVs are designed to offer much-needed assistance to civilians, businesses and governments that would be unavailable otherwise, due to the unique nature of these incredible vehicles.”

The spokesman also offers an explanation for the military link, saying: “As with many far-sighted technological advances, early adopters and financial supporters tend to be military-based, as they have the resources to invest and develop, be that everything from space-travel to medicine.

Possible military use of HAVs in future could be for heavy-lifting, transportation or high altitude detection of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), or similar, thus saving lives, both military and civilian.”

DICKINSON, a keen pilot who flew MAIDEN round the world during their Somewhere Back In Time world tour, launched his firm Cardiff Aviation Ltd last year. His move followed the demise of charter airline Astreus, which whom he’d worked as a pilot and marketing manager.

Cardiff Aviation has since created 70 jobs and is looking to launch its own airline in the coming year.

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