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The first thing to say about No Prayer For The Dying is the departure of Adrian Smith and his replacement with Janick Gers. It was sad to see Smith go, for both his playing skill and song-writing talent. However, the show must go on, and it does.

Many fans dislike this album, and I can understand many of the reasons why. With a few exceptions, the song-writing is a bit weaker and the lyrics are somewhat shallower than on previous albums. The sound quality is excellent (the album was digitally recorded), but many of the songs are missing that intangible quality that creates a deep and compelling mood.

In addition, Dickinson appears to be experimenting with a different singing style which is rougher and raspier than before. This is not necessarily bad in and of itself, but I still prefer the clear and powerful style of the past.

Full-length, EMI Records
October 1st, 1990




1. Tailgunner 04:15
2. Holy Smoke 03:49
3. No Prayer For the Dying 04:23
4. Public Enema Number One 04:14
5. Fates Warning 04:10
6. The Assassin 04:18
7. Run Silent Run Deep 04:35
8. Hooks In You 04:07
9. Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter 04:44
10. Mother Russia 05:32

Total playing time 44:07

This album was also released as:
- Blood red vinyl
- Picture disc
Bruce Dickinson: Vocals
Steve Harris: Bass
Dave Murray: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Janick Gers: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Nicko McBrain: Drums

The remaster album cover is different from the original released in 1990. This 1998 remaster version also contains a specialenhanced CD-ROM multimedia section with videos, exclusive photo galleries, biographies, internet links plus a deluxe 24 page colour booklet with full lyrics, Eddie art and photos.

01 - All In Your Mind
02 - Kill Me Ce Soir
03 - I'm A Mover
04 - Communication Breakdown

Produced, engineered and mixed by:
Martin "The Bishop" Birch

Recorded at:
Steve Harris' Barn, somewhere in England on the Rolling Stone Mobile

Assistants Engineers:
Mick McKenna and Les Kingham

Mixed at:
Battery Studios, London

Assistant Engineer:
Chris "Wood" Marshall

Remixed by:
Simon Hayworth at Chop 'Em Out (1998 re-release)

All titles published by:
Zomba Music Publishers Ltd

Sleeve illustrations by:
Derek Riggs

Ross Halfin

The Complete Works (original 1990 release)

Rod Smallwood and Andy Taylor for Sanctuary Music

Iron Maiden thank the following:

Rod Smallwood, Andy Taylor, Aky Najeeb, Keith Wilfort, Annick Barbaria, Tracey Jay, Howard Johnson, Merck Mercuriadis, Carl Wright, Paul Oxley and all at Sanctuary

The Killer Krew: Tony Wigens, Dicky Bell, Graham Holmes, Doug Hall, Paul Devine, Bill Barclay, Rangi, Michael Kenney, Steve Gadd, Wally Grove, Dave Mills, Trisha Clarke

Ralph Simon, Clive Calder, David Gentle, Martin 'Bunter' Birch, Derek Riggs, Barry Drinkwater, Tom Bennett & Bravado, Vicky Pelmore & I.L.S., Ira Sokoloff & Great Southern, Homeboy

Michael Jensen, George Bodnar, George Chin, Tony Mottram, Ross Halfin, Phil McIntyre and Paul Roberts, Ossy Hoppe and Eric Thompson, Bill Elson and ICM, John Jackson and Fair Warning, Howard Jones, Mike Thomas, Bill Leibowitz, Pat McKenna, Jim Dunford, Ian Patton and Stafford Knight, Eva Strom, Kirsty Birch, Lindsey, Angela, Nina at Platinum Travel, Caroline Latif and Adrian Allen at the Complete Works

Vic Vella, John Smith, Bridie, Sue Hughes, Manu DaSilva, Carlos Costa, Trevor Searle, Mark Malevani, Melbourne Sports F.C., Garry Bushell, Dave Watson, Bryan King, Joe Elliott, Andy Curran, Len Lobreglio, Peter Lokranz, Shaun Hutson, John Williams, Tom Brown, Diane McDonald, Debbie Parker, Denise Sims, Paddy and Lump, Sweetpea (for putting up with Nicko!)

Janick would like to thank Lois and Boleslaw Gers for having him, Andrea, Yvette, Chris, Mick and especially Sandra for putting up with him

Washburn Guitars, Seymour Duncan Pick-ups, Rotosound Strings, Tom Nolan and Fender Guitars, Tom Mates, Korg UK & US, E-MU, Jim, Steve, Mike and all at Marshall Amplification, Carver, Eventide, Rob and all at Thatched Cottage, Peter Cornish, Grover, Joanne & Steve Kaufman at Jackson Guitars, Larry & Steve at Di Marzio Pick Ups, Don Dawson at D'Addario Strings, Matt & Pauli at E.S.P. Shibuya, Rich & Bob at Gallien Krueger, John & Steve at Allbang and Strummit, Petes Guitars, Angela Instruments, Floyds Rose Tremelo Systems, Rence Schaller, Howard & Jessica Moltz at Rainbow Guitars, Peter at P.M.E. Audio, Rick Gould, Carl "Sikorsky" Bobrow at Norms Music, Stuart, Manny, Thomas, Robert, Michi, Ted Voellmy, Bobby Lieser and all at Paiste, Karl Heinz Menzel, Elizabeth, Horste, Oliver Link and all at Sonor, David Hammond and all at Shawsticks, Bill Ludwig Junior and all at Ludwig Drums, John Winkler, Frank and Russ at Drum Design, Jerry Ricci and the boys at L.I.D.C., Jeff and Debbie Hammer, Graham Walker, Andy Matthews, Beyer Dynamic Microphones, Packhorse Cases, E.V. Speakers, Hipshot, Stirling Sound, Edwin Shirley Trucking, Motts Travel, Charlie Kail and his Brilliant Constructions, Ronan Wilsonat Meteorlites, Mike Lowe at Brittania Row

Special Thanks to Michael Kenney Keyboards

Up the Irons No Prayer For The Cup?

Iron Maiden F.C.:

P.O. Box 10, London, SW19 3TW (original 1990 release)

P.O. Box 3803, Harlow, Essex, CM17 0NZ, England

Telephone/Fax: +44 (0)1279 442666

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(1998 re-release)



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