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'Hooks In You' represents Adrian Smith's last song writing contribution to Iron Maiden until the Brave New World album. Some people argue that this song is a continuation of the 'Charlotte The Harlot' saga, and perhaps the strongest evidence for this is the reference to "number 22". Like 'Charlotte The Harlot' and '22, Acacia Avenue ', this song speaks of a relationship with a woman who is unable or unwilling to reciprocate. However, the mood of the song is very unlike the other " Charlotte " songs, and has that "happy" sound. Because of this, I generally do not consider it to be part of the series.

'Hooks In You' is a slightly tongue-in-cheek thing. Me and Paddy went to look at a house to buy and it was lived in by three gay guys. We looked around and it had all these beams, and one of the guys was obviously into S&M and leather and stuff, and in one room there were these enormous industrial hooks screwed into the beams. My mind boggled at what they could be used for. I went home and wrote 'Hooks In You' with the line 'All the hooks in the ceiling, that well hung feeling'. I couldn't write it about gay guys, but what if you went round to the house of Mr. and Mrs. Average you found all these hooks in the ceiling? What do THEY get up to? (Did Bruce buy the house?) No we didn't! At the end of the song the guy thinks his wife has been unfaithful and sets her in concrete in the foundations.

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