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Stockholm – SWEDEN
5th June 1983
  1. Intro
  2. Where Eagles Dare
  3. The Trooper
  4. Revelations
  5. Flight Of Icarus
  6. Die With Your Boots On
  7. 22, Acacia Avenue
  8. The Number Of The Beast
  9. Still Life
  1. To Tame A Land
  2. Guitar Solo
  3. Drum Solo
  4. Phantom Of The Opera
  5. Hallowed Be Thy Name
  6. Iron Maiden
  7. Run To The Hills
  8. Sanctuary
  9. Drifter
  10. Prowler
  11. Bruce Dickinson Interview

The date on the back cover (5th May 1983) is wrong, as this gig was recorded on 5th June 1983 on Nicko McBrain's birthday. Another bootleg of this concert is available under the title Heavy Birthday (as an LP only) and with the correct date on it. It sound quite obvious that Bruce was suffering from a nasty cold. The audience sings "happy birthday Nicko" after 'Iron Maiden'.

Quality: 8,5 / 10
Source: audience