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Full-length, EMI Records
April 11th, 1988

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This album was also released as a Picture Disc with banner.

1. Moonchild 05:42
2. Infinite Dreams 06:09
3. Can I Play With Madness 03:31
4. The Evil That Men Do 04:35
5. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son 09:54
6. The Prophecy 05:06
7. The Clairvoyant 04:27
8. Only the Good Die Young 04:42

Total playing time 44:06

Bruce Dickinson: Vocals
Steve Harris: Bass, String Synth
Dave Murray: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Adrian Smith: Lead & Rhythm Guitar, Synth
Nicko McBrain: Drums

The 1995 reissue comes with a bonus cd with the following track list:

01 - Black Bart Blues
02 - Massacre
03 - Prowler 88
04 - Charlotte The Harlot 88
05 - Infinite Dreams (live)
06 - The Clairvoyant (live)
07 - The Prisoner (live)
08 - Killers (live)
09 - Still Life (live)

The 1998 remaster version contains a special enhanced CD-ROM multimedia section
with videos, exclusive photo galleries, biographies, internet links plus a
deluxe 24 page colour booklet with full lyrics, Eddie art and photos.

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son is a special album. It is the last of the great classic albums and represents the culmination of the creative evolution that began with Somewhere In Time. It's also Iron Maiden's seventh studio album, which makes a neat tie-in with the album's title and the subject. The guitar and bass synths are still present, but are somewhat less intrusive and seem to complement the music more effectively than before. For Maiden, guitar synth is like a woman's make-up if you specifically notice it, then there's too much of it. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son seems to have achieved a good synth balance in most songs.

Other albums have had the feel of concept albums, most notably Killers because of the incredible cohesiveness and similar feel of its songs. However, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son is the first album with a definite theme and story that carries through the songs. Although all of the songs have mysterious, magical, and occultic themes, the true story is told on the last half of the album, beginning with 'Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son'. It might be possible to tie in the earlier songs, but not without wild speculation. However, the album does begin and end with similar passages:

Seven deadly sins, seven ways to win

Seven holy paths to hell, and your trip begins

Seven downward slopes, seven bloodied hopes

Seven are your burning fires, seven your desires...

According to ancient western myth (of which I've been unable to find a source), the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter or the seventh son of a seventh son possesses heightened occultic abilities. The album is based on the fantasy novel Seventh Son by Orson Scott Card that tells the story of such a child, who from the moment of his birth is subject to manipulation by the forces of good and evil, and must come to terms with his powers and how to use them.

The story that unfolds along the various songs on this album can possibly be summarised as follows:Moonchild': the Devil addresses the parents of the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, mostly the mother, and warns them that "all resistance is futile."

  • 'Infinite Dreams': the Seventh Son's father, himself a Seventh Son, has visions he does not understand and that torture him.
  • 'Can I Play With Madness': the Seventh Son's father looks for an explanation of his visions and consults a prophet; he doesn't like what he's told.
  • 'The Evil That men Do': the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is conceived; the father possibly dies.
  • 'Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son': birth of the child with supernatural powers; Good and Evil both try to take him over.
  • 'The Prophecy': the young man has harnessed his powers to discover that disaster looms; naturally, no one listens to him and the village is destroyed.
  • 'The Clairvoyant': the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is now a seer who has control of his powers, although they quickly submerge him and are probably the cause of his death.
  • 'Only The Good Die Young': bitter reflection on the events; was it all worth it? Back to square one.
Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son is a masterpiece in several respects. Its musical complexity and lyrical depth make it a showpiece for the band's song writing and performing abilities, and its power and emotion are epic and spellbinding. For someone who is new to Iron Maiden, this might be one of the best albums to begin with. Many people consider this to be their best album ever.

Sadly, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son represents the end of an era for Maiden. It is the last album with the classic lineup of Harris, Murray, Smith, Dickinson, and McBrain that had remained stable since Piece Of Mind. It is the last Maiden album with Dickinson in top vocal form and the last album with a unified mood and feeling until years later with The X Factor

Produced, engineered and mixed by:
Martin "Disappearing Armchair" Birch

Recorded at:
Musicland Studios, Munich, Germany

Second engineer:
Stephane "The Vardengrip" Wissner

Studio boffin:
Bernd Maier

Mastered by:
George Marino at Sterling Sound, New York

Remastered by:
Simon Hayworth at Chop 'Em Out (1998 re-release)

All titles published by:
Zomba Music Publishers Ltd

Sleeve concept and design by:
Derek Riggs and Rod Smallwood

Sleeve illustrations by:
Derek Riggs

Ross Halfin

The Complete Works (original 1988 release)

Hugh Gilmour @ Diablo Design Ltd. (1998 re-release)

Iron Maiden is managed by:
Rod Smallwood and Andy Taylor for Sanctuary Music


Iron Maiden thank the following: Rod and Andy; Derek Riggs; The Killer Krew Tony Wigens, Dicky Bell, Doug Hall, Rangi, Peter Lokranz, Bill Barclay, Michael Kenney, Steve Gadd, Rob Price, John Whitehead, Jim Silvia, Cathy Rowe; The Sanctuary Staff Bill, Terri, Val and Cathi; Keith Wilfort FC; Peter Hingle; Vicky Pelmore; Ronan Wilson, Roger, Derek, Dizzy at Meteorlites; Charlie Kail and his Brilliant Constructions; Platinum Travel; John Jackson and all at Fair Warning; Bill Elson and all at ICM; Howard Jones; David Gentle; Bill Leibowitz; Pat McKenna; Clive, Ralph, Jan and Rachael at Zomba Music; Ira and Homeboy at Great Southern; Barry, Keith and Tom at Bravado; Roland hyams; Michael, Kevin, Heidi and all at Jensen Communications; Keith Sharpe; Jim, Ken and Mike at Marshall Amplification; Rotosound Strings; E.S.P. Shibuya (New York); Gallien Krueger (Campbell, Calif.); Peter Cornish Musical Accessories; Di Marzio; Lado Guitars; Carl "Sikorsky" Bobrow; Norm's Music, Brooklyn; Peter Michalski, P.M.E. Audio (West Germany); Allbang and Strummit (London); Jackson Guitars, Calif.; Angels Instruments, Maryland; Tom Mates for guitars well repaired; Dean Markley Strings, Calif.; Rick Gould; Pete's guitars, Minneapolis St Paul; Packhorse Cases; Griffin Guitars; Kahler Tremelo Systems; Floyds Rose Tremelo Systems; Woody and all at Warwick Basses (West Germany); Seymour Duncan Pick-ups; Shure Microphones; Horst, Oliver, Elizabeth Link, Karl, Heinz, Manzil and all at Sonor Drums; Bobby and Eric Paiste, Bobby Leiser and all at the Paiste Factory; Chas Foote; Renee Schaller; Ian at Session Music (London); Rainbow Guitars, Tucson; Tommy and all at Puma; Alex Alexandrou; Julian Doyle; Ross Halfin; George Bodnar; Garry Bushell; Mick Wall

Jeff Hammer; Tommy and Debbie Beal; Aces High Jet Centre; Steve Yorke; Martin Connolly; Neal Kay; Trevor Searle; Vic and Rio Vella; Jenny Wood; John Smith; Andy Curran; Mark Malevani; Steve Altman; Manu DaSilva; Fatima; Tom Bennett; Jeff Lovell; Steve Lazarus; Steve Hunter; Bob Verschoyle; Mike Goodchild; Mick Cocks; Melbourne Sports F.C.; Golden Earring; Ossy Hoppe; Otto Weyer; Pat Cash and Ian Barclay; Bridie; Clutch and Short; Shaun Hutson; all the mums, dads, kids, wifes and girlfriendsfor still putting up with us. As always, thinks to you the fans.

So it shall be written so it shall be done!

Up the Irons!

Iron Maiden F.C.:

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Rest of World: 12, Deerpark Road, Wimbledon, London, SW19 3TU (original 1988 release)


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