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Released 1st August 1988

1. The Evil That Men Do (Smith, Dickinson, Harris)
2. Prowler '88 (Harris)
3. Charlotte The Harlot '88 (Murray)

The Evil That Men Do did almost as well as Can I Play With Madness, debuting at number six and rising to number five in the U.K. charts. But unlike 'Can I Play With Madness', 'The Evil That Men Do' is a genuine Maiden classic which has no commercial elements whatsoever. Perhaps its success as a single can be partly attributed to its B-sides, which are re-recorded versions of the early Maiden classics 'Prowler' and 'Charlotte The Harlot'.

Rod Smallwood's comments are taken from the Best Of The B'Sides album booklet included in the Eddie's Archive box.

The Evil That Men Do (Smith, Dickinson, Harris)
This is the same version as the one that appears on the Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son album.

Prowler '88 (Harris)
This is a studio re-recording of the classic track from the Iron Maiden album and The Soundhouse Tapes, using the 1988 Iron Maiden line-up. Other than Bruce's vocals and improved production quality, this re-recording isn't too different from the original version. The guitar sound seems a bit fuller and less raw, but the song retains its original energy.

Such a great song on the first album as you will all know Steve wasn't happy with the production on the first album so we did a cracking up to date version.

Rod Smallwood

Charlotte The Harlot '88 (Murray)
This is also a studio re-recording of 'Charlotte The Harlot' with the 1988 Maiden line-up. It doesn't change much from the original version, which should probably have been left alone.

The music for Charlotte came from a few riffs and melodies that Dave Murray glued together back in the late 70s. Again it was a re-recording of the classic from the first album.

Rod Smallwood
Rod Smallwood



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