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The Clairvoyant' relates the reflections of the Seventh Son of a Seventh Son on his life and his powers. He is now a fully-fledged seer and has learned to control his visions. However, these become rapidly overwhelming and he eventually confuses what he really sees with what he sees with his mind's eye. Death is now for him the only way out, although, once again, the cause of death is not explicitly indicated. Did his powers kill him or did he commit suicide? Like in 'Infinite Dreams', there is another reference to reincarnation at the end of the song, just after the second verse where a story-teller recalls who the Seventh Son was before he passed away.

This was the second single from the album, and has become a concert favourite, beginning with another of Harris's patented bass intros. The only complaint that can be made is that the guitar solos are too short, but otherwise it is a great song.



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