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The Final Frontier is Iron Maiden's fifteenth studio album, released on August 13, 2010 in Germany and Finland, August 17 in North America, and August 16 worldwide. At 76 minutes and 34 seconds, it is the band's longest studio album to date. It is their first album since the release of A Matter of Life and Death in 2006, the longest gap to date between two consecutive Iron Maiden studio albums.

Prior to the album's release, band founder Steve Harris was quoted as saying that he imagined the band would release a total of fifteen studio albums. The titles of the album, tour, and opening track fuelled further rumours that The Final Frontier would be the band's final album. The band members have since admitted that they hope to release further albums and continue touring into the future. The Final Frontier album was recorded in Compass Point Studios, where the band had previously recorded in the 1980s

Full-length, EMI
16 August 2010



1. Satellite 15... The Final Frontier
2. El Dorado
3. Mother of Mercy
4. Coming Home
5. The Alchemist
6. Isle of Avalon
7. Starblind
8. The Talisman
9. The Man Who Would Be King
10. When the Wild Wind Blows

Total playing time 01:16:35

Bruce Dickinson - Vocals
Dave Murray - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Adrian Smith - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Janick Gers - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Steve Harris - Bass, Keyboards
Nicko McBrain - Drums

The album was released in a unique Limited Edition Collectors 'Mission Edition'
CD case and include s access to extra bonus content including the Director's Cut
of "The Final Frontier" video, filmed band 'Mission Debrief' interview footage,
wallpapers, photos, and the exclusive game 'Mission II : Rescue & Revenge'.

Iron Maiden are also for the first time making the album available as an iTunes
LP with bonus content as well as the traditional digital format. There is also
be a Limited Edition Double Picture Disc.

"The Final Frontier" was released as a digital single on July 13th; a video clip
was made for the song
Released in Finland (and only in Finland) 13th day of August with a special
permission from EMI
Produced by Kevin Shirley

Co-produced by Steve Harris

Mixed by Kevin 'Caveman' Shirley

Recorded at Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas

Engineer: Jared Kvitka.

Studio Technician: Terry Manning

Additional recording and mix at The Cave, Malibu, CA.

Studio Technician: Brent Spear

Assistant: James McCullagh

SSL Duality Technician: Philip Scholes.

Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering, Portland, ME.

Art Direction & Design by Peacock (Stuart Crouch, Andrew Yap, Anthony Dry, Rob Wallis).
Cover Illustration, working drawings and sketches by Melvyn Grant.

Photograph by John McMurtrie.

Background images pages 4/5 and 8/9 by Darkside Animations, background image pages 10/11 by Hangman.

Iron Maiden are managed by Rod Smallwood and Andy Taylor.for Phantom Music Management..

Booking Agents: John Jackson at K2 for the World excluding North America and Rick Roskin at CM for North America.


BRUCE DICKINSON: Paddy, Austin, Griffin, Kia Dickinson, Merlin The Parrot & Sufi The Cat.

DAVE MURRAY: Tamar, Tasha, Pauline & Janice Murray.

ADRIAN SMITH: Nathalie, Natasha and Brittany Smith. Mikee Goodman, Simon Hanhart and Dylan Smith for technical and moral support. Brian McDonald, Mike Shannon, Chris Cannella, Mike Gomez and Alex (Rocky) Perez at Jackson for the great guitars, John "Oz" Osbourne at FX, Johnnie Allen and Sean Brady.

JANICK GERS: Sandra, Sian & Dylan, Lois & Boleslaw Gers, Andrea, Mick & Sophie, Yvette, . Ginger Mick, Kate & Little Mick, Chris, Mad Liz & George, Tom & Polly.

STEVE HARRIS: Emma, Lauren, Kerry, Faye, George, Stanley & Maisie Harris. Vic Vella, Debbie Edwards, Jeff Daniels, Russell Oram, Krysia, Fatima, Tom & Tatti, Johnny Burke, Tony Newton, Jeff Lovell, Ridley Carroll, Dave and Marion Cloke, Mark Abery, Moto Clube De Faro, Maidonians F.C. & Maiden Youth F.C.

NICKO MC BRAIN: Rebecca, Nicholas & Justin McBrain. Ann & George Waugh. Jeffs (Spuds Daily) & Debbie Hammer. Lisa Goldsmith & all at Virgin Upper Class Services. Phil & Emma Hilborne, Andy Frost, Steve & Karen Dewey, Mitch & Ivey Tanne, Rick Baum & family.
ROD SMALLWOOD: Kathy, Tom, Ben, Laura & Jake.

Special thanks to: Val Janes, Mary Henry, Sarah Philp, Katherine Pedder, Andy Matthews, Aky Najeeb, Pete De Vroome, Francesca Harris, Jade Shelbourne,. Paul Stephens, Sharon Atalay, Delphine Nizet, Andrea Levy, Johnnie Allan and Jeremy Hammond at Phantom Music Management, Steve, Sue and Joe Lazarus at t Iron Maiden F.C., Jane Miller, Una Doyle and Susan Grant at K2, Alii McGregor, Rob Light and Colin Gibson at CAA, Barry Drinkwater, Maria Conroy and Jackie Phillimore at Global Merchandising, Vicky Kostura at Rights Management International Ltd and Tasha Isaacson.

The Killer Crew: Dick Belt, tan Day, Steve Gadd, Patrick Ledwith, Bill Conte, Zeb Minto, Steve 'Gonzo' Smith, Ian 'Squid' Walsh, Rob Coleman, Colin Price, Paul Stratford, Ashley Groom, Philip Stewart, Natasha De Sampayo, Doug Hall, Michael Kenney, Sean Brady, Charlie Charlesworth, Jeff Weir, Peter Lokrantz, Nick Birtwistle, Jude Aflalo, Antti Saari, Justin Garrick. Mike Hackman.
Sound by Gary Marks at ML Executives. Lighting by Dave Ridgway at Neg Earth & Martin Kelley at Epic. Set design ' and drapes by Hangman and set construction by Metalman. Air and sea freight by Jeremy Smith at Rock-It Cargo Ltd. Busses by Joerg at Beat the Street. Trucks by Mark, Sandy and Steve at Transam Trucking. Busses and Trucks (USA) by Capt Darling at Janco. Travel and Hotels by Amy Keeling at Tzell Travel, Jo Baker at Music By Appointment and Brian Locke at BCD. ,
Thanks to all our friends and supporters at EMI and Universal Records, Imagem Publishing and Universal Music Publishing International MGB Limited.

Iron Maiden use: Fender Guitars, Jackson Guitars, Fender Bass Guitars, Gibson Guitars, Ernie Ball Custom Picks and Strings, Rotosounds Strings, Strings and Things UK, Beyer Dynamic, Shure Corp USA-UK-DE, Marshall Amplification, Premier Percussion, Remo Drumheads USA-UK Division, Paiste Cymbals-Gongs, H N K Monitors for Nicko McBrain, Vic Firth Sticks USA, DW Drums USA, DNC Ltd, Korg UK-Japan-USA, Digitech USA-UK, Hardcase Amber Plastics UK, Protection Racket UK, Shuttle Sound UK & EV Speakers, Pack Horse Cases UK, Seymour Duncan Pick Ups, Taylor Guitars, Di Marzio Pickups, Tour Supply USA-UK, Tom Mates Guitar Workshop London, Saverio Addario Guitar Repair Denmark St, P Cornish Electronics UK, Jim Dunlop USA, JHE/The Attic, Peavey Preamps, Mike Hill Electronics UK, Roland UK-Japan, LP Percussion Worldwide, Rhythm Tech, Yamaha UK-USA, Gorgomite USA, Lizzard Spit USA, Apple Computers, RME (MADI) Hardware, Gig Rig Ltd, TC Electronic, Rothwell Pedals, Fultone Pedals, Analog Man Pedals, Oxford Guitar Gallery Ltd, Peterson Tuners USA, Moog, Celestion Speakers UK, ISO CAB by Randall USA, Ibanez Pedals, Ultimate Ears USA, Handheld Audio UK.

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