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Lyrically inspired by the Celtic myth of the Isle of Avalon, a magical place where immortals dwell, this complex song starts with a crescendo reminiscent of the instrumental section of "Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son". It is also worth noting that the progressive instrumental mid-section seems to be quite heavily influenced by Rush.

The lyrics can somehow be linked to those of "The Wicker Man" in that they evoke ancient Pagan cults performed by the Celts centuries ago. The underlying meaning seems to express the disregard that man has towards his environment, which is "lying dormant in the eyes of the dead", those dead being an image representing the large majority of the human population on the planet. All hope is not ruled out, though, and those dead can be brought to Avalon (symbolising the Earth-Goddess) for burial and "then for rebirth".

The whole song remains an epic piece with various melodies and subtle rhythm changes..



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