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Here, the band takes us into the realm of science-fiction. This is quite arguably the strangest intro ever written by Iron Maiden. It is unclear whether they used a drum machine or if two drums tracks were played by Nicko, then overlaid. However, Steve mentioned in an interview that Adrian had come up with the demo of the track, and that it simply ended up as such on the album, so it is much more likely that Nicko wasn't playing at all on it.

The disturbing guitars and heavy drum beat could somehow evoke a space battle, which would link this unusual intro to the second part of the song where an astronaut ends up drifting to his death. Bruce's haunting voice comes in after a short quieter part, and the intro breaks into an aggressive double-kick and raging guitars before grinding to a halt.

The song then carries on as a straightforward typical Maiden-style rocker whose lyrics deal with the last thoughts of a pilot drifting in space. He might end up in the Sun, or simply run out of breathable air, as his spacecraft seems to have sustained heavy damage. If the navigation controls are gone, the air recycling systems may have been shot too. This part of the song, which gave the album its title, was released on 13th July 2010 on the official website as a video – and a pretty good one!

The philosophical aspect of a dying man reflecting on his life appears once again, as it often does in Iron Maiden song, like in "No More Lies" for instance. Here, the character has nothing to regret, if only that he would have wished to say his last goodbyes to his family. He seems to have enjoyed his life more than an average person usually does. He's obviously not like the vast majority of people who passively wait for their lives to happen to them, which they rarely do; he proactively lived to the full and many apathetic human beings who simply exist instead of really living should take a leaf out of his book. Anyway, this character is now ready to face the real final frontier: death.
The title of the song is made of two distinct parts like the track itself, with the number 15 obviously symbolising Iron Maiden's 15th album, and the mention of the final frontier, which is allegedly a tongue-in-cheek hint from Bruce that many fans thought that this may be the last album to be released by the band – a rumour that has since been denied. In any case, this is a pretty decent Maiden piece (which could very well have been two separate tracks), with a standard heavy song following a rather unconventional and surprising intro. But the surprise is indeed a very good one!.



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