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Powerslave represents the essence of Iron Maiden at the pinnacle of their "golden age", and is the first album without any lineup changes in the band. No other album so clearly captures the spirit of power, fantasy, and emotion. The album cover is in my opinion the best of all the Maiden albums, and perfectly sets the mood of power and mystery. The songs are for the most part superb, with four of them becoming timeless Maiden classics.
Full-length, EMI Records
September 3rd, 1984


On the 1998 re-issue of Powerslave, tracks 6 and 7 had different track lengths.
Track 6 was 5:20 instead of 5:00 and track 7 was 6:47 instead of 7:07


1. Aces High 04:29
2. 2 Minutes to Midnight 05:59
3. Losfer Words (Big 'Orra) 04:12
4. Flash of the Blade 04:02
5. The Duellists 06:06
6. Back in the Village 05:20
7. Powerslave 06:47
8. Rime of the Ancient Mariner 13:36

Времетраене 50:58

Bruce Dickinson: Vocals
Steve Harris: Bass
Dave Murray: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Adrian Smith: Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Nicko McBrain: Drums

The 1995 reissue comes with a bonus cd with the following track list:

01 - Rainbow's Gold ( 04:56 )
02 - Mission From Harry ( 06:42 )
03 - King Of Twilight ( 04:52 )
04 - The Number Of The Beast (live) ( 04:58 )

The 1998 remaster version contains a special enhanced CD-ROM multimedia sectionwith videos, exclusive photo galleries, biographies, internet links plus a deluxe 24 page colour booklet with full lyrics, Eddie art and photos.

This album was also released as a Picture Disc.

Produced, engineered and mixed by
Martin "Pool Bully" Birch

Recorded at:
Compass Point, Nassau, Bahamas

Assistant engineer:
Frankie Gibson

Mixed at:
Electric Ladyland, New York

Assistant engineer:
Bruce Buchhalter

Mastered by:
George Marino at Sterling Sound, New York

Remastered by:
Simon Hayworth at Chop 'Em Out (1998 re-release)

All titles published by:
Zomba Music Publishers Ltd

Sleeve concept and design by:
Derek "The Master" Riggs, Rod Smallwood and Iron Maiden

Photos by:
Moshe Brakha (original 1984 release)
Ross Halfin, and Moshe Brakha (1998 re-release)

Iron Maiden is managed by:
Rod "I can tak' itI'm a Yorkshireman" Smallwood for Sanctuary Music (overseas) Ltd. and Andy "Aye, a large Bacardi and Coke" Taylor For Sanctuary Music Ltd.

Iron Maiden thank the following: Rod and Andy: The Killer Krew Tony "Computer-Man" Wigens, Dicky "'Course I'm pissedIt's a day off" Bell, Dave "I'm already working on thenext tour" Lights, Doug "Megawatt" Hall, Bill "Casanova" Barclay, Warren "I've gotta get going very fast" Poppe, Mike "Maudlin" Kenney, Steve "E's a geezer" Gadd, Steve "Mooshy" Altman, "JT" Thompson, Horace "Mr. Casual" Ward, Ian Black, Vic "Crazy Innit" Vella, John Harte, "Loopey" Newhouse, Paddy, Paul Joe and Dizzy; Ronan, Roger and Derek at Meteorlites; Charlie Kail and his Brilliant Constructions; Turbosound; Keith Wilfort FC; Terry "Totally Together" Berg, Bob Lefsetz, Bill Taylor, Bob Laird; Platinum Travel; Bill Elso and ATI; John Jackson and Fair Warning; Howard Jones; Bill Leibowitz; Patrick McKenna; Paul Fowler; Masa Ito; Ibanez, Dean Markley, Marshall, Electrovoice, Rotosound, Chas Foote, Bill Ludwig; Bobby Leiser and all at Paiste; Jochen Sponsel and all at Sonor; Total Productions; Sunny Bushell; Joe Kovacic and all at Lado Guitars, Toronto; Lorraine, Kathy, Jane and Tamar for putting up with so much; Barry, Clutch, Rangy, Jeff, Rob and Bob; Ira and Homeboy; Peter, Nick and Frank at Le Chalet; Lorraine and Ivy at Compass Point; Donny Robin and Little Bill at the Waterloo; Clive, Ralph, Rachelle and Jan at Zomba; especially "Court Jester" Birch and Mr. Riggs; Chadwell Heath MobChris, Mark, Titch and Paul; Pat Cash and Ian "Barkers" Barclay; Chris Ambler; the travelling fans around the Worldyou know who you are; Terry "Slasher" Wilson-Slesser; Jeff "I missed it again" Lovell; Andy Curran; Seymour Duncan; Steve Lazarus; Steve Cantwell; Steve Hunter; Melbourne F.C. for winning the cup! Mark at Ilford for the tatts! John and Benny of the Essex Angels; Doc Cardwell; Trevor Searle; 'H' Prophet; Jimmy Jones; Mr. Strange; Mrs. Canary for oatmeal and nosebags; Salle Bardakh; Mori and Gascon; Jersey Fencing Club including Reg "Mine's another pint" snepp; Brain Pitman and London Thames Fencing Club; Eddie R.I.P.; British Rail for UK tour transportation

for Bruce: Bruce's mum and dad, who still don't know where he is; Ross "I don't wanna spend my birthday in Poland" Halfin; Bill Bailey; Charlie Barnett; Steve, Trevor and all the reprobates at the Channel Islands Aero Club; Steve "Can ya handle the Power" Yorke; Lorraine and Jim Colkett... and everybody else we've forgotten. Buy us a pint and you too can be on here next year! Beware of false imitations!

This album is dedicated to the memory of Marcus Cowe a good mate and a great guy.

To the fans THANKS as always. See you on the


Got any errr! Well... ish! There's only one 'um... and that's Fuck'um! 'Kin 'ell! Up the Irons!

Iron Maiden F.C.:


P.O. Box 4803 Macon GA 31208-4016 (original 1984 release)


P.O. Box 391, London, W4 2LZ (original 1984 release)

P.O. Box 3803, Harlow, Essex, CM17 0NZ, England

Telephone/Fax: +44 (0)1279 442666

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

(1998 re-release)



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