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"Tears Of A Clown" is the 9th song from Iron Maiden's album The Book of Souls. The track was inspired by comedian Robin Williams' depression and suicide in 2014.

My favorite song [on The Book Of Souls] is one I didn't write. It's 'Tears of a Clown,' which talks about Robin Williams. I ask myself how could he be so depressed when he always seemed to be so happy.

-Bruce Dickinson

The reference "Who motivates the motivator?" is to Robin Williams' inspirational performances in films like Good Will Hunting and Dead Poet's Society as well as his comedic roles in films like Mrs. Doubtfire, The Bird Cage, and Jumanji.

Robin Williams' role was that of a motivator. You could watch any of his films on a bad day and immediately feel 'motivated' and uplifted. He was like a friend. The problem with that was that it didn't allow us to see his humanity. We couldn't see that outside of his role as an actor/comedian, he was a person. And he needed to be motivated more than anyone.

Who motivates the motivator?




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