Full-length, EMI Records
February 1st, 1981

Twilight Zone, Purgatory, Maiden Japan

1. The Ides Of March 01:46
2. Wrathchild 02:55
3. Murders In The Rue Morgue 04:19
4. Another Life 03:23
5. Genghis Khan 03:10
6. Innocent Exile 03:54
7. Killers 05:02
8. Prodigal Son 06:13
9. Purgatory 03:20
10. Drifter 04:50

Total playing time 43:53

Paul Di'Anno - Vocals
Steve Harris - Bass
Dave Murray - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Adrian Smith - Lead & Rhythm Guitar
Clive Burr – Drums

The American edition has a bonus track:
10. Twilight Zone ( 2:33 )

This also appears on the 1998 enhanced version. It also contains the bonus track "Twilight Zone", a special enhanced CD-ROM multimedia section, with videos, exclusive photo galleries, biographies, internet links plus a deluxe 24 page colour booklet with full lyrics, Eddie art and photos.

Produced, engineered and bullied by
Martin "Headmaster" Birch

Recorded at:
Battery Studios, London

Second engineer:
Nigel Hewitt

Remastered by:
Simon Hayworth at Chop 'Em Out (1998 re-release)

Managed by:
Rod Smallwood for Sanctuary, 165-167 Willesden High Road, London NW10 (original 1980 release)
Rod Smallwood at Sanctuary Music Management (1998 re-release)

Cover concept by:
Dave Lights (1998 re-release)

Front cover illustration by:
Derek Riggs

Thanks to the still long-suffering road crew (Dave Lights, Loopy, Pete "I certainly didn't need all this" Bryant, Doug "Road-Dog" Hall), "Radar" Bance, Keith "Bloody Arsenal Supporter" Wilfort F.C., Eddie, Neal and Mitchie Kay, Ian Nuttall, Pete "The Bulk" Bennett, Muscle and Meteorlites, John Jackson, the Lensmen (Ross, Bob, Watal, Hiro, George, Simon, Toshi) Trev Searle, Vic Vella, Derek Riggs, Doc Cardwell, Paiste and Ludwig and, last but not least, you the fans. Up the Hammers'

Photography by:

Robert Ellis (original 1980 release)
Robert Ellis, Ross Halfin, P.G. Brunelli, Simon Fowler, Denis O'Regan, George Chin, Rod Smallwood (1998 re-release)

Iron Maiden F.C.:
S.A.E. to 165-167 Willesden High Road, London NW10(original 1980 release)

Iron Maiden Fan Club:
P.O.Box 3803, Harlow, Essex, CM17 0NZ, England
Telephone/Fax: +44 (0)1279 442666
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
(1998 re-release)



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