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Released 2nd March 1981

1. Twilight Zone (Murray, Harris)
2. Wrathchild (Harris)

Twilight Zone / Wrathchild was released as a double A-side, and was the first single from the new Killers album. The single made to number 31 in the U.K. charts, which was their second best showing to date (next to Sanctuary). Once again, the Derek Riggs artwork for the single is supposed to have ignited controversy and charges of sexism from members of the media who had not bothered to understand the meaning of 'Twilight Zone'. And as usual, the controversy merely drew more attention to the band. In the music business there's no such thing as bad press. Twilight Zone was also Adrian Smith's first single with Iron Maiden.

Twilight Zone (Murray, Harris)
'Twilight Zone' was originally intended to be a B-side, but it turned out to be so good that the band released it as an A-side instead. According to Nicko, the band's producer, Martin Birch, was absent from this particular recording session and the band produced Twilight Zone themselves. This is the same version as the one that appears on the 1998 re-edition of the Killers album.

Wrathchild (Harris)
This is the same version as on the Killers album.



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